PELLENC Battery Equipment Power, Ergonomics, Balance and Versatility

As a trailblazer in lithium-ion batteries, PELLENC created the Green and City Technology division (GCT) in 2008 to meet market expectations of professionals in charge of maintaining green and public spaces.

Introducing PELLENC EXCELION 2: the new professional brush cutter
EXCELION 2 is designed specifically for landscapers and councils. Generating power levels equal to petrol models, it provides all the convenience of electric battery powered equipment. Its multi-function cutting head provides flexibility for the work required.

Power: EXCELION 2 offers unmatched professional performance for intensive landscaping and clearing work with a 420mm cutting diameter and up to 6,600 rpm cutting speed.

Ergonomics: the new smart handle has better grip which enables agile manoeuvring with the user being able to choose the dual handle or loop handle option, whichever best suits their working needs. The smart handle also displays remaining battery life in hours/minutes and working time in percentage (%).

Balance: Weight distribution is optimised on EXCELION 2 which weighs 30 per cent less than a petrol powered brush cutter equivalent.

Versatile: the machine has a cutting head for every task:
• Tapcut 3-line head: for precision trimming
• Triple or Double blades: for clearing long grass
• Mulching blade: for mulching blackberry or similar bushes
• Citycut: counter rotating blades for weeding with no flying off of debris or gravel
• Saw blade: for cutting down small trees and vegetation

With EXCELION 2 the user can also fit their own aftermarket head or blades.

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