PELLENC ALPHA Integrated Batteries

ALPHA batteries (260 Wh and 520 Wh) have been developed specifically for the PELLENC range of integrated battery equipment (line trimmer and pole hedge trimmer).

Easy to connect, ALPHA batteries make work easier for professionals. With their superior battery life, they offer a very effective alternative to petrol powered tools. For maximum power and long battery life, ALPHA 520 is the battery of choice while ALPHA 260 is recommended for best balance.

EXCELION Alpha, the powerful line trimmer
EXCELION Alpha can be used for both cutting back long grass and creating a perfect finish when edging. Its impressive cutting performance (6400 rpm) makes it effective regardless of the job. EXCELION Alpha is ergonomically designed, with a quick and easy grip, great manoeuvrability, and clear visibility of the cut.

With the Alpha 520 integrated battery, EXCELION is a compact battery equipment with an autonomy of up to 3.5 hours.

HELION Alpha, the easy-to-handle pole hedge trimmer
HELION Alpha allows precise pruning of hedges. Its blades combine good thickness (2.25mm), wide tooth opening (33mm), and sturdiness, a winning trio that makes it suitable for all types of trimming and finishing work.

With the Alpha 260 integrated battery, HELION ensures great results for up to three hours. It offers three different working speeds and is IP54 waterproof rated.

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