Pellenc ALPHA 260 and 520 batteries Power and durability : they have it all

Battery-powered equipment is very practical and environmentally friendly, but without the right batteries its performance can quickly be limited.

As a manufacturer at the cutting edge of technology, PELLENC wanted to offer an integrated battery solution that would deliver both high-performance and durability. And now that solution exists. Its name is ALPHA… And it’s going to electrify the market!

Battery life and power
PELLENC is one of the first manufacturers in the world to have introduced lithium-ion technology into its battery powered equipment and has designed an integrated battery model with a capacity and endurance well above the market standard. Equipped with Alpha batteries, your tools will match the performance of petrol tools. And that makes all the difference!

Amazingly adaptable
To make life easier for professional users, PELLENC has designed batteries that can be quickly connected to tools and that start working as soon as they are switched on. Very easy to attach thanks to the one-click clipping system, ALPHA batteries can be adapted to all situations and are ideal for work in parks and gardens, vineyards, and orchards.

ALPHA eco-credentials
Over its life cycle, an Alpha 520 battery does a workload equivalent to 7,000 litres of petrol and mixing oil. The national average daily cost of charging an Alpha 520 battery is 14c (based on 27c/kWh).

Environmentally responsible and economical
When you choose ALPHA batteries, you are adopting a non-polluting and quieter way of working, without handling and smelling petrol. With zero CO2 emissions and reduced noise pollution, ALPHA batteries are kind to the environment. And, over time they offer real savings compared to petrol. The Pellenc range includes the Solerion a standalone solar charger, eliminating the need for an auxiliary battery, invertor, and charger for in vehicle charging. This significantly improves the efficiency and greatly reduces the financial outlay.

ALPHA power
• Very high-capacity lithium-ion cells tested during use in extreme conditions
• Lifespan of over 800 cycles (fully charged + discharged)
• Enough capacity for high-power tools:
o 260 Wh with 6 Ah and 43.2 V
o 520 Wh with 12 Ah and 43.2 V
• Fast recharging with the 7.6 A Quick Charger: 70 per cent after 30 minutes and 100 per cent after 1 hour 45 minutes for ALPHA 260

ALPHA versatility
ALPHA batteries can be attached directly to Excelion ALPHA (Line Trimmer), Helion ALPHA (Pole Hedger) and to the Rasion (Mower) but can also be carried on the back and used as a power source for PELLENC chainsaws, hedger, blower, and the cultivator.

ALPHA 520 Testimonial
“I and my team of three workers have been using Pellenc ALPHA batteries for the last three years. We found them to have the same power but arelighter. Some of the common problems we encountered with petrol powered machine included noise, vibration, and fumes. Once we switched to using Pellenc ALPHA batteries we found our daily work became much easier. Although we were sceptical about the runtime capabilities, we can now with experience confidently use a single ALPHA 520 to power the AIRION 3 blower and the EXCELION line trimmer all day. We decided to invest in PELLENC batteries and although there is an upfront cost, we have found that over the last three years it is cheaper than running a petrol-powered tool. Overall, we are very happy we have switched from petrol to Pellenc ALPHA batteries.”

Roger, Jim’s Mowing.

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