Pellenc 3 New ‘Selion’ Chainsaws

Made famous with its automatic chain tightening, Pellenc Selion chainsaw range now comes with enhanced features for safety, power management and ease of use in all conditions.

For example, the new connector system of the Selion C21 permits to quickly connect into and out of the battery during work sessions. The new cutting software allows you to better exert the applied force and to slow down the chain to avoid locking. Lighter and stronger materials are also used for ease of handling.

Selion M12 – Compact Hand Chainsaw

Selion M12 is a lightweight chainsaw ideal for precise pruning work. It weighs only 1950g and has a soft touch handle to make it easy to use. Pellenc brushless technology offers power (1200W, equivalent to 30cc petrol motor) and reliability. Chain is tensioned automatically and uses up to 30 per cent less oil thanks to the electronic management of the oil flow. For a better grasp, the upper handle is reinforced and can be replaced too.

Selion C21 – Heavy Duty Chainsaw

Selion C21 is a chainsaw for intensive work, which is very powerful yet safe. With 2000W of power, it is equivalent to a 45cc petrol motor but has more torque.

It is safe thanks to its new connector system, its grip notch, and the automatic chain brake for less risk of kick-back. The connector system is a key feature that lets the user bring up the C21 once they are in position in the tree.

Selion Telescopic Chainsaw

Developed to cut branches to a height of up to 4.5m, the Selion Telescopic has a new narrow-gauge precision guide for greater precision and cutting quality. The tilting head (+90°/-45°) allows Selion Telescopic to be easily adapted to any working environment. Its new design features include an internal aluminium tube for additional strength. It also has a new cap on the oil tank to make your maintenance even easier.

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