Organic weeding with the good gear Satusteam weeder from Weedtechnics

“Saturated steam with boiling water is becoming the preferred organic method of weed control, because of its economy for customers and safety for operators.” said Jeremy Winer, Managing Director of Weedtechnics, an Australian leader in the field.

Before jumping in and making your investment into a capital purchase for your own steam weeder, there are a few things to check. This is when you’ll find out what sets Weedtechnics Satusteam© apart.

Will the machine superheat the water to >115°C and deliver a mixture of steam and boiling water at 98-101°C? If it’s just hot water, you will find it slow going. With Weedtechnics it’s ‘full steam ahead’.

The superheated water should not be delivered at pressure. Superheating requires pressurisation, but this pressure needs to dissipate in the nozzles, otherwise you’ll be displacing mulch, or creating splash back. Satusteam© solves this problem.

Operator safety is paramount. Our ‘cool touch’ system includes vented lance, cool running handles, fully covered hoses and our unique threaded quick coupling system. Changing between nozzles and applicator heads should not require a total cool down, turning your machine off, or take more than a minute.

Access is key. Will the weeder you are investigating kill weeds at the end of a long hose? A weedtechnics machine still delivers the same performance at the end of a 60m hose.

Your heat exchanger is the heart of the operational success. Most are not designed to run continually at temperatures of +115°C. We are so confident in our heat exchangers that we are now offering a 5 year extended warranty.

If selecting a skid or trailer option, we’d recommend an 800L water tank as a minimum. Your running time and productivity is determined by your water supply. We supply tanks to suit your needs.

Is after sales service and support available? At Weedtechnics we live and breathe Satusteam© weed control and support hundreds of customers around Australia.

Every operator has their own idea of how they want to be set up. Weedtechnics builds bespoke solutions so you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Value for money, every time!

LCM put our newest machine through its paces in 2019. Andrew Tulloch gave the ‘Green Ninja Stealth’ a great wrap.

YOUTUBE Green Ninja Stealth.

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