Oregon Gatorline Trimmer Line

Most people are aware American company Oregon have been producing quality chainsaw chain since the 1940s, but many would not know they also produce a quality brushcutter line suited to cope with the harsh demands of commercial operators.

I recently tested the Magnum Gatorline Square and the PlatinumGatorline SuperTwist, which are both suited to commercial applications but are very different. Both lines were a popular general purpose diameter choice of the commercial operator at 2.65mm.

The Magnum Gatorline Square is dual polymer construction – it has a harder core, which gives the line its strength and durability and a softer outer. This softer outer layer prevents the annoying problem of the lines welding themselves together, which results in line breakages and/or blocked auto-feed heads. I used the Magnum line both flat snipping on just grass as well as flat snipping against hard edges and vertical line cutting along concrete gutters and concrete block edges. The line performed well with little wear and minimal fraying after use on hard edges.

The Platinum Gatorline SuperTwist is also a dual polymer line although the outer layer is thin, extremely hard and covers a softer inner core. This extremely hard outer layer can withstand the punishment that trimmer line is subjected to up against obstacles such as chain wire fences, rocks and block walls.

It is also resistant to the annoying problem of welding. I purposely pushed the head of the brushcutter close to sandstone blocks whilst flat snipping as well as into concrete blocks whilst line cutting, but not using the tip of the line inan attempt to wear the line and see what it could cope with. I was extremely surprised at the results, there was even wear on the line and no fraying whatsoever. It performed above my expectations.

The other difference with this line compared to the Magnum and many others on the market is that it is twisted. This aerodynamic design reduces the flap sometimes generated by other designs to give a more even flat cut. It is also quieter than the standard type trimmer lines.

Both the Oregon Magnum Square Gatorline and the Oregon Platinum SuperTwist Gatorline performed well in all applications and both are suited to commercial use. I found the Magnum to be well suited to general purpose commercial snipping with the Platinum the standout in my mind, able to cope with hard obstacles and lasts the distance. One of the most annoying things while snipping large areas in commercial applications is line wear and therefore constantly stopping to attend to frayed line or replacing line. Oregon have addressed this problem with these two commercial products.

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