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Now everyone can have a tree thanks to The Greenwall Company’s new gabions

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The Greenwall Company has released their new tree gabions, in conjunction with celebrating National Tree Day on Saturday, 1 August.

These are perfect for planting with a feature “wow factor” or mature plants. They provide a lightweight, soil-free alternative to traditional heavy pots and can be easily moved from location to location. Also, they are low maintenance as each gabion has irrigation included which simply can be added to existing irrigation lines.

Mark Paul, Horticulturist and Founder of The Greenwall Company says, “Our gabions have been evolving over the past 10 years. We are constantly testing and reviewing ways they can be adapted and use for different spaces and larger plants to give everyone the options to green their home or office. The plant gabion is great for people with minimal space, those who live in apartments, or for those who don’t have a grassed backyard or soil area for traditional planting. They can also be moved around or from home to home.”

The new gabions can be created to any size and are made from 97% recycled materials including, PET bottles, polystyrene, and ground coffee beans. Bespoke in design, these gabions are an extension of the existing Eco Pillow range exclusive to The Greenwall Company.

Once the gabion is constructed and planted, additional species are planted into the exterior of the gabion to create a lush, green, and eco-friendly wrap around the base.

Key benefits to adding a plant gabion to the home or office space include:
• Low maintenance – the gabion can be left to grow out and can be maintained a couple of times a year, depending on the look you are after
• Improved air quality – Gabions are a natural air-filter. The plants in the gabion will help metabolise toxins in the air, while at the same time releasing oxygen into the air but at a much larger scale than the traditional potted plants
• Noise level reduction – When placed inside, gabions can help reduce noise levels. The plants in the gabion block high frequency sounds and the structure it is placed on can help reduce low frequency noise
• Energy cost reduction – In the warmer months, gabions help to insulate the area they are placed in, which lessens the use of heaters
• Health benefits – A Texan study of postsurgery patients recovering in hospitals also showed further health benefits, recording quicker recovery and less chance of relapse if patients could look out onto green space

Over the past 25 years Mark has tested, designed, re-designed, and mastered his greenwalls to ensure they will last the lifetime of the building on which they are installed, further reducing waste. The Greenwall Company has now installed their greenwall systems in over 300 projects and will continue to work towards their goal of reclaiming the built environment.

For further information visit www.greenwall.com.au

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