No Call Backs

Timberlink Arrow Posts are made from premium New Zealand renewable plantation pine. They are then finger-jointed and clear primed. Your job will always be straightforward with Timberlink Arrow Posts, no annoying call backs.

1.It’s Straight As An Arrow

Because it is finger jointed, it’s made straight and stays straight.

No bending, warping or twisting, just a dead straight post.

Why? Finger jointed posts are made of hundreds of little pieces, they are glued and pressed together and because they are all little pieces they don’t move and bend like solid pieces can. It’s an ingenious piece of engineering and it will provide greater strength and leave you with a straighter post.

2. It’s Clear Pre-Primed, So You Can Choose To Paint Or Stain Later

Arrow posts are the only clear pre-primed posts in the market. Whilst straightness is key, we all know that the finish, be it stain or paint, can make or break your posts.

It’s what your customers are going to look at first, so for you to nail this job you need to nail the finish.

There can be a lot of pressure when you are choosing a finish in-store. Will it fit with the deck, house, fence, and yard? Well now with pre-primed Arrow Posts you don’t have to worry, you can choose your stain or paint after to ensure it matches the railings or deck. Pre-primed Arrow Posts can go up to 12 weeks without being stained or painted, giving you and your customer the time to decide the ultimate finish and look to be maintained.

3. It’s A Premium Looking Piece Of Timber

It’s made in New Zealand, a country known for its high-quality visual grades of plantation timber and these posts are no exception. It’s a seriously good-looking piece of timber.

4. It’s Made From Plantation Pine

It’s a renewable, sustainable, natural product that sucks up carbon dioxide and stores it for the life of the timber. Every tree harvested is replaced, so you’re helping the environment by using the ultimate renewable.

A superior product in every way, you’ll be the hero at home with the new Arrow Posts.

Available at Bunnings nationwide (except QLD).

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