New Track Loader Series Loads Up On Power And Comfort

The CASE CE B-Series Compact Track Loader (CTL) is here. The range is perfect for contractors and landscapers, giving them the versatility, comfort, and power to conquer any job, according to the specialists at CASE Vic, dealers of CASE CE equipment in Victoria.

Productivity-enhancing horsepower (hp) and torque, up to 3+ metre lift height, 4,170kg bucket cylinder force and industry-leading 360° visibility are just a few of the new series’s strengths.

Two of the range currently available at CASE Vic are the vertical lift machines; TV370B & TV450B. Their dual arm is engineered to allow loads to rise directly up to 3.34 metres, providing maximum reach at full height.

CASE Vic Sales Specialist, Ben Alderson believed this made CASE CE CTL models popular with “Construction, landscaping, demolitions, infrastructure, urban work, recycling and agriculture. From your dayto- day lift-and-carry work to clearing demo sites and truck-loading jobs.”

The B-Series CTL also offers one of the roomiest cabs in the industry, with new controls designed to provide extra legroom and the fully sealed and pressurised cabs reducing noise and dust, which Alderson said had been a highlight for users.

“We get a lot of positive feedback on the B-Series cab, from the amount of space to the heated seats and temperature controls, to the super quiet operation once you’re inside.”

CASE CE has said that the new CTL range is easier and more intuitive to operate and Alderson agreed; “It only took a few minutes for me to feel comfortable.”

“Having multiple operating patterns [ISO & H] to switch between means you can choose what works best for you. Plus, the large LCD screen and oversized buttons make the functions quick to find and easy to use.”

Another feature of the new CTLs is the universal coupler, allowing 250+ CASE CE attachments to be applicable, from buckets and forks to hydraulic hammers.

“The huge range of attachments means you only need one machine for basically any job. It creates so much versatility for the operator,” Alderson said.

CASE CE TV370B Compact Track Loader
The TV370B has the strength and capacity of a large-frame CTL in an efficient machine. It delivers an operating capacity of 1,680kg at 50 per cent tipping load and 74Hp while being powered by a maintenance-free Tier 4 Final Emissions engine, important for many job sites with Tier-4 emission requirements.

CASE CE TV450B Compact Track Loader
The TV450B is the largest loader in the lineup, with an operating capacity of 2,040kg at 50 per cent tipping load and 90Hp. It was designed with maximum muscle and productivity in mind, but not at the expense of fuel efficiency.

According to Alderson, the machines are ideal for contractors and landscapers looking to save on servicing and transport, without sacrificing performance or power.

“You can easily fit them on a trailer, so you don’t need to hire an expensive truck as you would with an excavator, and you’re able to get them into tight areas that a dozer wouldn’t be able to access.”

“Plus all filters are accessible from the rear of the machine, making it easy for contractors to service the units themselves.”

CASE Vic has both the TV370B and TV450B available now to purchase, with the TV370B also available to rent, allowing interested buyers to try the machine on a job before committing to a fleet.

For more information on how to buy or rent the CASE CE B-Series Compact Track Loaders, contact the team at CASE Vic:

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