New Hitachi compact excavators

New Hitachi compact excavators have been unveiled by Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd (HCA): two new ZAXIS-7 compact excavators have been designed to enhance productivity in contemporary urban construction sites.

The ZX75US-7 boasts an ultra-short tail swing radius, enabling easy access to tight spaces, while the ZX85USB-7, equipped with a swing boom, efficiently excavates near walls and guard rails.


The power for these machines is derived from reliable Yanmar diesel engines equipped with proven turbocharging technology. This environmentally friendly engine meets EPA final Tier 4/EU Stage V emissions standards, with diesel particulate filter, EGR and common rail to help further reduce emissions. It also features a versatile power/economy work mode that adapts the machine’s performance to the specific task at hand. In power mode, the engine operates at higher speeds to deliver additional horsepower when necessary, whereas the economy mode optimises fuel efficiency by reducing engine speed during regular operations.

Furthermore, both machines are equipped with a built-in auto-idle system which automatically reduces the engine to an idling speed if all control levers remain in a neutral position for more than four seconds. Once the levers are reactivated, the engine quickly returns to the previously chosen speed. This feature not only helps in reducing noise and exhaust emissions, but also plays a pivotal role in energy conservation and cost savings for operations.

Two new ZAXIS-7 compact excavators from Hitachi are designed to enhance productivity. Image: Hitachi CM

Easy-change attachments

Compact excavators are commonly used as tool carriers with a wide range of attachments that increase job-site versatility. For added convenience, there is an available attachment replacement support system that streamlines the process of switching between different work tools. This system allows for the adjustment of attachment flow settings directly from the low-reflective collar, eight-inch LCD monitor, enabling operators to designate and save up to 12 unique settings.

Vision for safety

The ZAXIS-7 series has been engineered to maximise operator productivity and comfort. Cab space has been significantly enlarged compared to previous generations. Designing cabs with panoramic visibility helps create a safe and comfortable working environment.

To further enhance safety and comfort, HCA goes the extra mile by incorporating the Aerial Angle peripheral-vision camera system, which grants operators an extensive 270-degree bird’s-eye view of the machine’s surroundings. The inclusion of long-lasting LED ambient work lights on the left, right and rear of the machine, as opposed to halogen lights, ensures a prolonged operational lifespan and improved visibility in challenging conditions. These work lights even remain illuminated for 30 seconds after the machine is powered off, enhancing safety when disembarking from the cab during night-time operations.

The addition of the wide-view wiper, featuring a parallel-link mechanism, increases the window-wiping area by 183 per cent compared to the previous model.

The ZAXIS-7 series has been engineered to maximise operator productivity and comfort. Image: Hitachi CM

Maintenance convenience

HCA’s excavators are renowned for their exceptional durability, and the ZAXIS-7 series introduces improvements to crucial components, including the arm and boom. The enhancements involve minimising pinhole tolerances in the boom and arm, effectively reducing lateral movement or wobbling. Furthermore, the side-plate thickness of the blade has been augmented to enhance its resilience against external impacts.

Ensuring ease of maintenance remains a top priority; a generously sized rear engine cover provides convenient access for maintenance tasks. The filters and the fuel/water separator have been thoughtfully grouped together in the pump room, making them easily accessible at ground level for inspection and replacement. Additionally, features like remote swing-circle lubrication, along with a factory installed electric refuel pump, have been incorporated to streamline daily maintenance procedures.

Constant monitoring

Using telematic tools to monitor machine health helps boost uptime.

ConSite, which remotely monitors operational status and alerts owners and operators to upcoming maintenance needs, is making a leap forward. A new optional feature, ConSite OIL, monitors engine and hydraulic oil conditions to proactively catch issues before any fault codes are triggered in the machine. This helps drive uptime by catching oil degradation before damage to critical systems can occur. The ConSite response team is on standby to rapidly resolve issues as they emerge.

With the new Hitachi ZAXIS-7 compact excavators, you’re in control.

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Image: Hitachi CM
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