New Felco 820 delivers on power and innovation

Felco of Switzerland is currently releasing its new Felcotronic 820 on the Australian market. The new product is entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. The model is a powerful, fast, reliable and easy-to-handle electric pruning shear that offers a number of innovative features.

The Felco 820 is recommended for a wide range of pruning applications from arboriculture to forestry work. Its large cutting capacity of 45mm makes it ideal for use on mature trees in orchards and for vineyard rejuvenation. It is also recommended for use in landscaping and  parks and gardens where heavy-duty cutting is the norm.

The Felco 820 is extremely powerful. It can handle dry wood from older, established trees to  Australian native flowers. The powerful straight drive mechanism ensures clean, accurate cuts with no twist, regardless of cutting diameter. The curved cutting head ensures that the tool is not pushed back when making larger cuts, reducing operator fatigue. Rapid opening and closing ensure time-saving and productivity.

A new feature of the Felco 820 is half-opening on the go. Simply double-pressing the trigger activates the semi-open made, saving valuable time with small and medium-scale cutting. This gives highly accurate control of blade movement and eliminates the need to switch between an electric pruning shear and a saw.

The new-design harness offers the optimum combination of user comfort and exceptional charging capacity. It can be used with either one or two batteries depending on the load level required. The backpack-style harness can easily be adjusted and sits close to the body for freedom of movement. The power pack is fully compatible with Felco 800 and 810 models. The ultra-light and slim LiPo batteries recharge within two hours. A USB port enables charging of items such as a mobile phone or MP3 player.

The forged aluminium body provides exceptional strength and long life. It is dust and water resistant, yet offers easy access for servicing. Felco has put great effort into simplicity of maintenance procedures with a view to saving time for operators. Daily and weekly maintenance only takes a few minutes. As with all Felco products, all parts can be replaced.

Felco Australia is looking forward to a successful product launch. “We have participated in extensive testing of the tool over the past two years, and have been very pleased with the results. The tool is getting a great reception from users requiring a strong tool that delivers large and small cuts without compromising speed. We think the Felco 820 will quickly find its place in the market this season” said Blaise Vinot, Managing Director of Felco Australia Pty Ltd.

The Felco 820 is now available at Felcotronic Dealers nationally. For more information contact Felco on 1800 730 257 or visit


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