New EGO Select Cut Lawn Mower

The easiest way to convey the new features of the EGO Select Cut lawn mower comes by way of comparison to the previous model. One of the most visible changes includes a new raked back battery insertion angle that lets you see the 5-segment charge indicators on newer EGO 56V batteries.

Like the model it replaces, the EGO Self-Propelled Select Cut lawnmower kit includes a 56V 7.5 Ah battery pack and 60-minute rapid charger. You also get a new dual-blade design for superior mulching and bagging. Not to be confused with a side-by-side cutting system, this blade design looks like a narrow ‘X’. The two blades work together to lift and cut grass into very fine pieces.

The new EGO Select Cut mower has the same 52cm cutting deck as the prior model.

Start Your Engines

EGO made starting the mower even easier than before (if that’s possible). Instead of completely recessing the power-up button on the handle, you can now access it more naturally with your thumb before pulling back the bail bar. The front LED lights are activated from the handle as well – no more leaning down to turn them on.

Updated Self-Propelled Mechanism

The updated self-propelled drive mechanism on this mower also works really well. Instead of a lever, EGO now features a centre-mounted speed dial. It sits smack-dab in the middle of the handle and sets the desired pace. It’s much more visible, easier to adjust, and has a more tactile feel when you’re using it.

To actually engage self-propelled mode, however, you simply grab the handles as you naturally would. A top grip or side grip works equally well. Twin buttons on each side of the handle naturally push in when you grasp the handle. Either or both buttons will engage the self-propel system.

EGO Select Cut Lawnmower Power And Traction

Regarding the wheels – EGO keeps the same great treads. They give lots of traction when dealing with inclines, wet grass, etc. That matters more than you may think – particularly when you cut higher grass or go for a more aggressive cut.

More Of The Features You Know

Many features present on existing EGO mowers also exist on the EGO Select Cut mower as well. The EGO Select Cut is IPX4-rated to handle water from any direction.

The new system uses two angled sets of 3-LED lights. These LEDs cover a nice area in front of the mower, making it easy to mow in the early morning or late into the evening. And, of course, you now activate them from the driving position. Also, with the low noise output, you never have to worry about waking the neighbours.

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