New battery tool takes pole position

Husqvarna  – one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products – has released a range of professional battery-powered pole saws that are set to take pol position within the market.

The 536LiPT5 is a quiet and powerful battery pole saw with a durable, yet lightweight aluminium telescopic tube, offering one of the longest reaches on the market at up to 5.5m (16.4ft), equivalent to almost 2-storeys in height. With unbeatable reach, balance and performance, the 536LiPT5 ensures operators can effectively carry out high level pruning tasks, with their feet planted firmly and safely on the ground.

A fully-charged, standard battery provides users with the equivalent of approximately one tank of petrol usage. Maximum efficiency and productivity is achieved with a chain speed of 20m/s which ensures this pole saw is powerful enough for most pruning tasks.

Featuring a low weight design, the 536LiPT5 is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre and control and has been engineered to have great balance, so that even when users need to lift the product above their heads, control won’t be lost.

The good balance comes from the pole saw’s slim and narrow saw head design, since the weight of the product isn’t concentrated at the head. The cutting bar is located on the left side instead of the right, granting users optimal visibility because they are able to better see exactly where they are cutting and pruning. This means more precision, quicker cutting, as well as a reduced risk of damaging trees.

As with all Husqvarna battery products, the 536LiPT5 is intuitive to operate, and users only need to push a button to start or stop the product. Being battery powered, the operational costs are reduced with no fuel purchases required and the costs for charging the battery are nearly negligible, yet gives performance and power equivalent to that of a 30cc petrol product.

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