Netafim assists Total Eden with training, install at special PMH project in WA

THE Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Foundation and Total Eden in Western Australia have joined forces to focus on assisting PMH to create an attractive environment for the thousands of children, families and staff who spend time at the hospital.

“We asked Total Eden to lend a hand and help us to fix up a number of garden areas around PMH to make the environment a bit nicer for the kids,’’ said PMH Foundation Corporate Partnerships Manager Carol Wallbank.

“Projects like this are a great way for PMH Foundation to connect with companies that we have not been involved with before. It introduces the company to the hospital and allows them the opportunity to make a real and tangible difference to the young patients and their families. In this case, they can now look out on and wander through some lovely garden spaces.”

Total Eden Retail State Manager Mark Barnes said the partnership also presented an opportunity for the company to conduct a training day for new staff in conjunction with irrigation specialist, Netafim.

Mark said Netafim was always willing to assist training sessions and was number one in WA with its dripperline product.

“The local landscape irrigation market strongly demands the Netafim product,’’ Mark said.

He said in-line with tighter water restrictions in recent years, the use of dripperline had become increasingly popular.

The PMH project used Netafim’s ‘boreline’ product installed on the surface in a section of the garden hooked up to an existing bore. The boreline delivers water to soils under mulch, eliminating wet paving and bore water stains.

Patrick Johnson, Area Sales Manager and Technical Services with Netafim in WA, said the training session covered a range of factors, including:

  • Correct drip design.
  • Correct installation.
  • Calculations of flow rate and dripperline needed for garden beds.
  • What tools to use when installing dripperline in garden beds.
  • Importance of dripperline specification.
  • Importance of flow and pressure tests.
  • Importance of filtration in drip systems.
  • The benefits of drip systems in gardens and why they are the most efficient way to water gardens.
  • Why ‘boreline’ should be used on Perth bores.

Mark said the training events were extremely valuable for the Total Eden team, assisting them to better support customers.

The next project on the agenda for PMH Foundation is mulching and painting fences.

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