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Tree Coach: The safer, lighter and easier method of tree planting.

As second-generation tree growers, brothers Rob and Tim Buruma had planted thousands of trees between them over the past 30 years. But five years ago, after planting 200 trees at a rapidly growing housing development southwest of Melbourne, Rob called time on the backbreaking traditional process of tree staking.

“I phoned Tim and said there must be  a better tree-staking system for the tree  to benefit and that wouldn’t be so hard to install,” Rob says.

The result of five years of design and experimentation is Tree Coach, an Australian- made product from the Burumas’ company Natural Growth Partners (NGP) that streamlines planting trees while guiding themto grow stronger with higher success rates.

The integrated planting and watering solution uses NGP’s GrowFlex Technology™ that encourages the tree to move with the wind while supported by flexible stakes, giving it the ‘exercise’ it needs to thrive.

The system is 80 per cent lighter than traditional staking (where a rammer is used), and requires no heavy ramming machinery to install. The lightweight stakes slot into sleeves in rings encircling the tree, eradicating labour-intensive ramming of rigid wood or iron stakes. This makes the Tree Coach installation process safe, efficient and easy for contractors.

With its precise and straightforward planting process and ease of transport, Tree Coach ultimately drives down costs for planting projects.

The system is made from recycled Australian curbside waste and manufactured locally, reducing CO2 footprint by 80 per cent compared to virgin plastic raw materials. Tree Coach itself is recyclable because its lightweight tree straps for staking, surface rings and polymer stakes that can be reused in future plantings.

“We want to establish good, strong trees that don’t topple over, that were planted correctly, grown and maintained right to become what nature intended them to be,” says Rob.

Tree Coach delivers an enduring community asset because trees that it nurtures and strengthens are far more likely to thrive into maturity, which delivers sustainable benefits for generations to come.

Tree Coach is made from recycled kerbside plastics and is available in two sizes, covering both 20cm to 30cm pots and 40cm to 45 litre containers.

To order a Tree Coach trial, go to, email or phone (03) 9111 2440.

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