Narrow Access – No Problem!

One of the biggest issues landscape contractors are facing is poor access to job sites. With urban and suburban areas getting denser, narrow driveways and smaller entrances are becoming a common nuisance. Unnecessary interruption is frustrating, but luckily, work in poor access areas can be made easier with the right tools.

A chipper has long been indispensable to landscapers for breaking down green matter – making it transportable and manageable. With green waste removal now expected as part of the job, especially for smaller sites, Hansa’s chippers are designed with access in mind. As manufacturers of a full range of chippers, Hansa’s self-feeding chippers are ideal for contractors: road towable, reliable and offering the right capacity to handle landscaping work.

The Hansa C13 chipper is the smallest road-towable chipper in the range. Designed to take leafy branches with brushy vegetation, it boasts a chipping capacity up to 90mm diameter. The large inlet chute makes it easy to feed without pre-cutting, getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

With a quality-built steel body and heavy-duty cutting disk the C13 is made to handle the rigorous needs of the most demanding operator. At 1000mm wide, this chipper will go anywhere that your car can tow. The self-feeding action is efficient and reliable – the inertia generated by the rotor disk creates enough momentum to keep cutting as well as giving the machine enough draught to discharge the mulch up to 3m away (or close to the operating area by adjusting the deflector on the outlet chute).

Powered by a Honda 4 stroke GX390 engine with optional electrical start, the C13 is now available with a new optional upgrade – a swivel outlet – which increases the discharge height from 1200mm to 1400mm and adds a 270-degree swivel to the chute. This makes it easier than ever to discharge mulch directly where you need it: onto a trailer, ute deck or truck and eliminating the need for any double handling.

“It saved us loads of time in pre-trimming. The C13 can handle two people feeding it. It takes longer to pick the brush up and walk to the machine than it does for the machine to process it,” said Hansa user, Kevin Rollerston.

The next model up is the C16. This chipper is a little wider than the C13 at 1230mm but comes with the same solid construction. Powered by a V-Twin 16hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine with recoil start, the road towable chassis of the C16 is fitted with duratorque suspension. The C16 boasts a 110mm cutting capacity and 270-degree swivel outlet included as standard.

The C21, the largest self-feeding model is 1300mm wide and can handle up to 130mm. Powered by a 21hp Honda GX630 engine with optional electric start, the C21 comes in just under 420kg and is also fitted with duratorque suspension for smooth towing.

Hydraulic fed models up to 10” capacity are also available from Hansa for those who demand capacities above 130mm.

Stump grinders are another option that contractors may not have considered in the past, but the Predator ST-661 is a novel solution that is compact and cost effective – a perfect fit for landscapers.

The ST-661, now available through Hansa dealers, allows landscapers to be able to offer stump grinding service without excessive outlay. This lightweight, high- performance grinder is an attachment for the Stihl MS 661 chainsaw powerhead, which utilises gear you already have.

With under 25kg dry weight and small enough to fit into any vehicle, it can easily be taken to site without the need of a truck and trailer. Perfect for removing stumps in delicate areas like flowerbeds or lawns.

Without the right equipment you either subcontract the work, or hire them, eating away at profits. Contact Hansa today to learn more and find out if the gear is right for your business. Hansa chippers and predator stump grinders are available at quality stockists across Australia.

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