Mustang 1650RT Track Loader

Packaging power, versatility and breakthrough track technology.

Mustang Equipment was among the first manufacturers to offer skid steer loaders to the market as early as 1965, so they know a thing or two about the compact equipment industry and building a machine that gets the job done.

The track loader market segment continues to grow driven by tighter operating areas and the need to achieve traction, pushing power, stability and minimal ground disturbance in varying ground conditions. Operating productively in wet and muddy conditions that challenge many traditional skid steers helps increase usage of the track loader driving its popularity.

Mustang continues to drive innovation with the release of the 1650RT Track Loader. Powered by a 70hp Yanmar engine and boasting impressive Rated Operating Capacity, maximum lift height of 3038mm the Mustang 1650RT has a whole lot of power to get the job done. Fitted with 400mm rubber tracks, ground pressure is kept to an absolute minimum.

“But Mustang didn’t stop there,” said Mr Peter Gray, the National Business Development Manager for the Mustang equipment range. “The 1650RT is equipped with joystick controls mounted to a suspension seat in the forward designed cab providing optimal view to the bucket. The simple and customisable LCD multi-function display incorporates all warning and operation lights and machine configuration screens removing all of the gauge clutter from the enclosed ROPS / FOPS cab.

The HydraGlide ride control system ensures little or no loss of material and a smooth ride at higher speeds for the operator.

“The real breakthrough is delivered by the IdealTrax Automatic Track Tensioning System,” said Gray. “Our customers, whether they are an owner operator or a fleet owner, tell us that track life and maintenance are major factors in the cost of running a track loader. The IdealTrax system is breakthrough technology delivering proper track tensioning upon engine start up and operation, saving the required track re-tensioning recommended every 50 hours. By eliminating under/ over-tensioning and releasing track tension when the engine is turned off, track life is extended greatly. This system saves the owner substantial maintenance and track replacement costs over the life of the machine.

“Combining IdealTrax with the sealed track roller and idler assembly controls track not only delivers cost savings, but technicians are amazed at the access to the engine components via the tilt rearward ROPS/FOPS assembly and swing out rear door and cooler assembly – even the big blokes can get a good go at it,” said Gray.

And with Tutt Bryant delivering highest level service and support for the Mustang, Bomag, Yanmar and Sumitomo equipment range, choosing a track loader to get your job done has never been easier.

Highlights of the Mustang 1650RT Track Loader

  • IdealTrax™ Automatic Track Tensioning System
  • ROPS Level 2 FOPS
  • Pilot Joystick
  • Yanmar 70hp engine (52.1Kw) at 2500 rpm providing 179 ft.-lbs. of torque
  • High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics with
  • 5 gpm (107.9 L/min) flow available
  • Operating Weight of 3638kg expands transport options and low ground pressures for high flotation
  • Compact machine width of 1676mm and overall machine height to ROPS at 1969mm
  • Excellent Breakout Forces:
  • 1919kg Tilt
  • 2295kg Lift
  • Hydrostatic 2-Speed Drive System – standard
  • Standard triple flange, maintenance-free bogies

Excellent Service Access To Maintenance Components:

  • Large engine cover is hinged and positioned by gas-springs to assist in lifting and holding in place
  • Swing-out rear door allows full access to filters, fluid reservoirs and other maintenance components
  • Swing-out cooler provides improved access to the engine bay area
  • Tilting ROPS/FOPS assembly (rearward) with a gas-spring and latches safely in place for easy internal access to pumps, hydraulic valve bank and drive motors.

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