Mowing Technology Roadmap to Guide Contractors

The commercial mowing sector is undergoing a technology revolution with a growing number of remote-controlled mowers, powered by hybrid or all-electric systems as well as the traditional petrol and diesel engines. Each technology package has particular strengths and limitations. Inlon has produced a Mowing Technology Roadmap to guide commercial mowing contractors in selecting the best mowing technology for their type of work.

Commercial mowing contractors are being challenged to find ways to remain productive, competitive and safe while meeting new customer needs and increasing expectations. Today’s emphasis on workplace health and safety is often at odds with the need to improve productivity, putting additional pressure on the profession.

The good news is that technology is changing the mowing landscape, with remote-controlled machines, track mowers and autonomous mowers providing opportunities for better safety and productivity. The challenge is that there are so many commercial mowing technologies available and so many potentially different customer applications, the choice can be bewildering.

So, how do you choose the best mower for the job? Inlon, the distributor of Civiline mowers, has produced a “Mowing Technology Roadmap” (pictured), which is a simple graphical display of the technologies available and the best type of mower for different applications. The online version also explains the reasoning behind the Roadmap, which will further help mowing contractors.

Jim Jardim, Managing Director of Inlon, explains: “For over 20 years, Inlon has been distributing commercial mowing machinery. When introduced to the Spider remote-controlled 4-wheel drive mower in 2006, we started a long journey in understanding how new technology could solve many common and emerging mowing tasks with improved safety and productivity.

“Progressively, as new technology came to market, we recognised each offered advantages and benefits in differing situations. We saw the need to develop a “Roadmap” to navigate the range of technology; a Roadmap for mowing contractors to identify the best mower for their commercial mowing work.

“Importantly, there isn’t one mower that will suit every application. In the Roadmap, we define a range of mowing situations, from the simple and common, through increasing difficulty and specialist niches, to the extreme of mowing and land clearing applications. We hope that our Roadmap will guide contractors when deciding which specialist commercial mower to consider.”

The Civiline range of clearing, mowing and grounds-care machinery includes brushcutters, verge mowers, reach mowers and remote-controlled 4-wheel drive and track slope mowers.

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