MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL™ Line Trimmer

Milwaukee Tool has brought battery-powered equipment to the landscape industry with a new range of products aimed at commercial users.

This new line trimmer has Milwaukee’s own POWERSTATE™ Brushless motor that delivers instant (less that one sec. to full throttle) quiet power. The unit itself is light, 4.8kg, as you would expect without a petrol powered engine, but also well-balanced, making it easy for flat snipping around obstacles and effortless reaching in under overhanging shrubs. Less operator effort is needed compared to petrol-powered machines, reducing fatigue and potentially increasing productivity. A bump feed head with metal reinforcing on the knob ensures longevity of this wearable part. The head can hold 2.0-2.4mm cutting line and is simple to load. Milwaukee’s own REDLITHIUM-ION™ batteries range deliver more run-time, power and longer battery life and with the 9.0Ah battery, it provides up to one hour run time with the line trimmer.

We used the Milwaukee M18™ 6.0Ah REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery to get the job done. A switch on the top of the handle lets the operator change between high and low speeds. Low speed saves on battery power, increasing run time, and it can be used when snipping well-maintained properties while the high speed gives the power required to cut through hefty untamed grass. Changing between the two speeds can be done easily without releasing grip on the machine.

An industrial-sized guard around the cutting head protects the operator and bystanders as well, although it does impair visibility of the cutting area especially when attempting a line cut.

There is no doubt that with the improvements in battery technology over the last few years we have seen massive improvements in the quality of battery powered landscape maintenance tools to the point that they are now becoming a viable option for professionals, and particularly well suited to noise sensitive sites. Milwaukee also has a hedge trimmer and a blower in this M18 FUEL™ range.



Cutting width 355-406mm

Voltage 18V

Weight 4.8kg

Line diameter 2.0-2.4mm

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