Meet the gold- standard Weedtechnics Satusteam and Green Ninjas

Organic weed control achieving efficiency across a broad range of weed species.

Have you thought about ‘tangible awesomeness’?
Welcome to the Weedtechnics’ world of Green Ninjas! They are mobile, robust, and powerful and make up the Weedtechnics line of compact Satusteam™ weed control machines. Now you have a machine on wheels that is manoeuvrable , simple to use , either with an electric pump (Green Ninja Stealth) or not (Green Ninja Pro) and destroys weeds like Kill Bill with Satusteam™.

Green Ninja StealthGreen Ninja Pro
Water Usage:5L / min5L / min
Electrical Motor & Pump:240V | 10 amp
Briggs Vanguard 6.5
HP – 4 stroke engine/ generator
Diesel Tank Capacity:17L17L
Diesel Burner:5L / hr5L / hr
Weight:160 kg (approx.)180kg (approx.)
Hose length:30m, 60m, 90m30m, 60m, 90m

What is Satusteam™?
Aside from a totally satisfying and mildly addictive form of garden therapy destroying weeds, it is a patented hydrothermal Australian owned technology that is a unique blend of saturated steam and boiling water that is capable of achieving stunning weed control efficiency across a broad list of weed species.

What can the Green Ninjas achieve for you?
Green Ninja fans are contractors and horticulturists in urban gardens and rural lifestyle properties. If you are often weeding hard surfaces like cracks and crevices in footpaths, paved areas, driveways and then managing the weeds in well-maintained garden beds, then the Green Ninja can be your new best friend.

Nurseries have recently seen the benefit of Satusteam™ for controlling algae build up under benches and in glass houses and some of Weedtechnics contracting

customers are adding new revenue streams by cleaning hard surfaces with low pressure, high temperature, giving stunning results without harsh abrasion and chemicals. In short, the Green Ninjas are a versatile landscape tool with a quick return on investment.

How is the Stealth different from the Green Ninja Pro?
The Green Ninja Stealth is Weedtechnics quiet machine. They call this the ‘stealth’ because it has an electric motor and pump.

The Green Ninja Pro has a petrol engine/generator driving the pump. Both machines can be carried around in your trailers or in the back of your ute and weigh around 200 kilograms.

Tangible awesomeness – Remove invasive weeds after just one swipe of Satusteam™
Let’s talk about the ‘tangible awesomeness’ a bit more—how would you like to see, touch, and smell wilted invasive weeds after just one swipe of Satusteam™? What is left is a layer of cooked vegetation (organic matter) on the soil that will improve microbial activity and soil structure! The Green Ninjas are powerful machines that have earned a lot of love from their mob — people who have consciously made the choice to move away from chemical herbicides into the new age of regenerative landscape care.

Are you ready to join the mob?

What Weedtechnics customers are saying
The Byron Shire Council commented, “The purchase of a new steam weeding machine from Weedtechnics was great news for local residents who are concerned about the use of chemicals. We are using the steam weeder in children’s playgrounds, retail areas of our towns and villages and other popular spaces such as picnic areas. The Satusteam™ machine is highly effective at killing weeds.”

Robyn Espagne, from the Valley Organic Weeding in Central Gippsland said, “Our customers have been amazed with the results. Gravel driveways, retaining walls, rock walls, capeweed paddocks and embankments have all been successfully transformed and maintained to control the unwanted weeds. We have had great success using the Satusteam™ technique on our property and use it to maintain weed control around our water features and orchard as well as maintaining our gravel driveways, around buildings and tanks. We would happily endorse and recommend Weedtechnics.”

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