Meerkat Mini Loader

Aussun are proud to launch the new Meerkat mini loader.

The Meerkat mini loader is a premium machine at a budget price that is purpose built to meet the rigorous demands of the Australian landscaping professional but also easy to use for the weekend warrior or DIYer.

This premium model features a redesigned shaft housing assembly to better distribute torsional forces, minimising loads on the hydraulic motor for maximum machine life and lowest possible machine operating costs. Four hydraulic motors do away with the antiquated chain driven system for a more consistent and powerful drive and smoother, quieter operation.


The cleverly designed offset belt-driven hydraulic pump system means you have more room to service the machine, which will save money on expensive mechanical services. It also acts as a failsafe between engine and pump.

The Meerkat mini loader is available in three different variants: the entry level M23D is for all basic landscaping, the M23T will run all attachments including chain trencher, and the state-@ of-the-art M23J with the joystick has the highest hydraulic oil flow for maximum efficiency and time-saving capability and allows you to operate the bucket on the run by separating the controls, one for drive and one for the bucket.

Aussun’s standard 3/2 year warranty offers you complete peace of mind – three year engine manufacturer warranty and two year machine product warranty, which is fully supported from their Melbourne warehouse, showroom and staff.


Aussun have something for everyone. Call the team now for your special offer.

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