Mean Green RIVAL Li-ion ride-on

The Mean Green RIVAL Li-ion ride on offers high versatility and operator comfort for all-day performance, with up to 15 acres of continuous mowing on a single charge.

Engineered for power, versatility, stability and comfort, the Mean Green RIVAL is an excellent all-round choice for community mowing needs.

The 100 per cent electric Impulse Drive System™ produces power comparable to a 36hp petrol mower, and maximum speeds of 18kph, with low noise and zero emissions. Longer, thicker Spring growth is no challenge to this powerhouse.

Operable with your choice of a 52” or 60” deck, each charge delivers up to seven hours of continuous run time, allowing crews to mow up to 15 acres per shift. The Mean Green RIVAL also features an ergonomically designed, customisable highback suspension seat to ensure optimum operator safety and comfort levels at all times.

Tried, tested and proven

Mean Green has been manufacturing commercial zero turns in the USA since 2009. Far from being a ‘new’ product, Mean Green’s been involved in serious development of battery power for over a decade. The brand is distributed in Australia exclusively through Australian company EcoTeq, with branches, trained technicians and spare-parts backing on a national scale.

Built to last

The construction of the RIVAL is quite different to conventional zero turns. Both the machine and the fabricated 60” deck are aircraft-grade aluminium, which is both incredibly strong and lightweight. The 11 individual battery cells are housed in a sealed compartment within the rear of the machine and barely protrude past the back wheels, so there’s no large overhang like conventional machines. This greatly reduces the footprint and means what feels like a large, sit-on machine is only about the same size as a stand-on zero turn.

The RIVAL being so incredibly light for its robust build is possibly a reflection of the unit being designed and built from the ground up as an electric zero turn, not an adaption from a petrol-powered outfit.

Engineered for power, versatility, stability and comfort, the Mean Green RIVAL is an excellent all-round choice for community mowing needs.

Plenty of drive

The Impulse Drive System gives instant power. In fact, it can be a little surprising. The top speed of 18.5kph is achieved in 1.3 seconds, so an unwary driver who pushes the control levers from neutral to full forward will find himself needing to hang on.

Controls are light and precise, and contribute to the high level of comfort which is so important on a machine which can run for a full shift on a single battery charge.

Plenty of support

For those who still need to see the RIVAL to believe it, EcoTeq offers a demonstration to landscapers and contractors serious about making the transition to electric.

Mean Green RIVAL key features:
• Zero emissions, hydraulics or oil
• 100 per cent electric Impulse Drive System™
• 8.25kW (DECK) & 6.8kW (DRIVE) – equivalent to 36hp petrol
• Quiet operation – just 78dB
• 7.5 hours of continuous mowing per charge
• 20° slope capability • Interactive touch screen display
• SmartDeck™ Rapid Height Deck Lift System
• Choice of side or rear grass discharge
• Michelin TWEEL® airless radial tyres (front)
• Highly manoeuvrable for tight areas
• SAM solar canopy (optional), and
• Five-year battery and machine warranty.

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