Material transport made easy

Wheeled and tracked dumper models by Wacker Neuson allow for more productivity, safety and comfort.

When transporting materials, especially if uneven ground conditions are involved, dumpers are the helpers in demand on every construction site. For this, Wacker Neuson offers various wheeled and tracked dumpers from 1 to 10 metric tons payload.

Wacker Neuson’s wheel dumpers can, with no problems, carry out a variety of transport tasks even on the most difficult of terrains. The articulated pendulum joint, which all models by Wacker Neuson are equipped with, ensures this.

The dumpers are impressive with high off-road capability and traction – even on difficult ground surfaces – and are particularly manoeuvrable thanks to their compact design. With this, the dumpers can fully play to their advantages as compared to trucks in material transport. Thanks to numerous configuration options, such as various skip versions, cabin versions or safety options, the machines can be matched to individual customer needs.

DT05 – The space saving miracle

Can be manoeuvred on any surface with centimetre-accuracy, thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions (66cm) and precision control. It really comes into its own where space is very tight and agility is a must.

DT08 – The Rental Fleet Pro

Compact dimensions (79cm) make the DT08 ideal for working in confined spaces and making its way through standard doors; high ground clearance. The rubber track and the optimum weight distribution reduce the ground pressure and prevent damage to delicate surfaces.

DT10 – Your professional equipment

The crawler-mounted dumper guarantees absolutely safe and comfortable driving thanks to a high level of stability and running smoothness. Also, for overcoming curbs, this equipment is your best partner in tight spaces.

DT12 – Looking good anywhere

The ideal transporter on all types of soil, such as gravel or sand, as well as boggy or hilly terrain. The tailor-made cooling system guarantees safe operation of the machine in high-temperature conditions.

DT15 – Maximum power

The ideal transporter on all types of soil, such as gravel or sand, as well as boggy or hilly terrain. The one-piece engine hatch and optimal configuration of the service points make daily maintenance easy.

1001 – The all-round dumper

Fast, safe and easy transport even on the roughest of terrain and a discharge height of up to 1.56m, the four-wheel dumper 1001 is particularly versatile, agile and extremely robust.

1501 – Still more possibilities

The 1500kg payload and optional swivel tipping skip enhance the range and variety of the dumper’s applications. Even in very confined spaces, materials can be dumped precisely.

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