Master Landscapers of SA is spearheading industry growth

Master Landscapers of SA (MLSA) is forging ahead in its mission to elevate the landscaping industry in Adelaide and regional South Australia, despite facing significant challenges posed by a looming skills shortage.

The landscaping industry in Adelaide and regional SA is currently grappling with a severe shortage of skilled workers, impacting its ability to meet the burgeoning demand for landscaping services. This shortage not only impedes the industry’s expansion but could also undermine the quality and professionalism MLSA and its members strive to uphold for their clients.

Moreover, with major government investments in infrastructure projects such as the Torrens to Darlington upgrade on the horizon, the demand for skilled labour in landscaping is expected to skyrocket in the coming decade. Recognising this imminent surge, MLSA is proactively engaging with stakeholders to attract and upskill individuals within the industry.

“The skills shortage in our industry is a multifaceted challenge that affects various facets of our operations,” remarked MLSA CEO Amanda Grocock, highlighting the breadth of the issue. “From landscape designers to horticulturists, and from construction specialists to maintenance technicians, we’re facing a deficit across all skill levels and job roles.”

Employment opportunities

One of MLSA’s recent initiatives includes lobbying the SA Government to recognise Certificate III in Landscape Construction as an apprenticeship, a move aimed at incentivising new entrants to join the industry and address the skills gap. Additionally, MLSA is set to participate in the upcoming 2024 Careers & Employment Expo, where it will showcase the diverse opportunities available within the landscaping sector to potential job seekers.

To further facilitate employment opportunities, MLSA has launched a dedicated Jobs Board on its website, serving as a centralised platform for both job seekers and employers seeking staff. The platform is open to everyone and can be accessed at

Community and networking

Amidst its advocacy and industry-exposure efforts, the MLSA remains committed to fostering a sense of community and networking among its members. Regular member events continue to be staged, with the highly anticipated 2024 Awards of Excellence and Gala Dinner providing members with an opportunity to showcase their achievements and celebrate the industry’s successes.

As the MLSA continues to lead the charge in addressing the challenges facing the SA landscaping industry, it invites both existing members and non-members alike to join the cause, supporting the advancement and sustainability of landscaping in Adelaide and regional SA.

For those looking to enter the industry or enhance their professional development, the MLSA stands ready to provide guidance, resources, and a supportive community to help them thrive.

About Master Landscapers of SA

Master Landscapers of South Australia (MLSA) is the peak association representing the Landscaping Industry in Adelaide and regional South Australia. The association builds capacity and capability across the industry, ensuring members deliver the highest quality standards and levels of professionalism for their customers.

The highly coveted MLSA Awards of Excellence recognise the skill, craftsmanship and expertise within the MLSA membership and encourage excellence in the fields of landscape design, construction and maintenance.

From left: South Australian Skills Commissioner, Cameron Baker; MLSA CEO, Amanda Grocock; MLSA President, Clint Adams; and Minister for Education, Training and Skills, The Honourable Blair Boyer MP. Image: MLSA

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Image: MLSA



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