Masport Goliath commercial ride-on mower

The Masport Goliath 4WD range is built to tackle extremely demanding terrain and applications. From tall grass, weeds and overgrown vegetation to rough and sloping terrain, the Goliath 4×4 delivers professional-grade performance, superior traction, exceptional stability and maximum productivity.

Designed to operate in all seasons, and in traction-compromised conditions such as slopes, undulating ground, and sandy or wet terrain, the Masport Goliath 4WD ride-on tractor is powered by a commercial-grade 23HP Vanguard engine and delivers remarkable performance, all while keeping user safety in mind.

Featuring an ISO-certified Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) and seatbelt, the Goliath provides the user with safety, security, and peace of mind. The advanced, foot-controlled, commercial-grade, 4WD hydrostatic-drive system and on-demand hand-operated diff lock offers superior traction, while the ultra-low centre of gravity and balanced weight distribution provide exceptional stability on steep slopes and in challenging conditions.

Available in two variants:

* The Goliath 92, fitted with a heavy-duty 36″ (92cm) brushcutter deck, will effortlessly cut and mulch tall grass, brush, blackberry, thistle, lantana, saplings, and overgrown, out-of-control vegetation; and

* The Goliath 110, fitted with a 43″ (110cm) ultra-heavy-duty 8-gauge mulching deck, is designed to provide a high-quality finish, cutting and mulching grass with ease to leave a neat and even finish.

For further information visit or contact Masport on 1300 366 225.

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