Masport Contractor ST S21 Honda BBC Selfpropelled Mower

Masport’s newest release for the commercial environment is the top of the range ‘Contractor ST S21 SPV BBC Honda’ Mower.

The large unit has been designed for big jobs because it is a 3-in-1 mower with catching, mulching and rear discharge options ensuring contractors are covering all mowing options with one unit.

Commercial machines have to be reliable and an exceptional engine is a must.


The Masport Contractor is powered by possibly the most respected engine for this application: Honda’s GXV160, which is reliable, easy starting and powerful.

Masport’s Quadcut® blade setup is fitted to the Contractor, which is a disc system with four swing-back blades producing a neat, even cut and aiding in mulching when the plug is fitted. The Contractor expelled the dry cut grass well whilst rear discharging and also nicely into the Dacron catcher filling it to capacity before any residue was left on the lawn surface.


The large 21-inch steel chassis is robust for the commercial application it is designed for, but adds to the overall weight of an already large unit. There is no doubt this machine is heavy and could not be lifted safely onto a Ute or trailer. It requires a second person to lift or a ramp for a single operator.

There are handy lift and tie-down points located on the front of the machine. I liked the height adjustment setup, which consists of the usual lever but also a secondary hold bar attached providing the operator more leverage and less resistance when changing heights, ensuring effortless adjustments.


The handlebars are adjustable over three positions, which means the mower is suitable for multiple operators and comfortable with cushioning grip, although tools are required to make the handlebar adjustments.

Another great feature is blade control – the Contractor is fitted with a Blade Brake Clutch. This enables the operator to disengage the blades while still allowing the engine to run, and therefore can empty the catcher or move obstacles without having to restart the mower. It also enables the mower to be transported over hard surfaces up ramps for transport and over obstacles under its own self-propelled power. A three- speed gearbox provides the operator with a choice of drive speeds to suit various lawns and sites, which is helpful when using the machine on multiple lawns.


The Contractor ST S21 Honda BBC Self Propelled Mower is Masport’s flagship model suited for large areas and commercial use and is priced accordingly at the premium end of the self-propelled contractor market.

The engine is covered by a three-year warranty (both commercial and domestic). The mower and parts have a one-year commercial or five-year domestic warranty.

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