Manitou Australia has found the Oldest Manitou in Oceania!

Manitou has been selling rough terrain forklifts in Oceania since the early 1970’s and is now the #1 Rough Terrain Telescopic Handling Company in the world.

In order to celebrate the past, Manitou Australia has been looking for the Oldest Manitou in Oceania for over a year, and we finally found it!

This contest involved all our Manitou dealers in Oceania. Our partners in Australia were particularly involved, because most of the first imports were shipped in Australia.

The Oldest Manitou found in Oceania is a MB 20C which is still working! It was manufactured in 1974 and imported in Australia in 1976. At that time, this unit was purchased by Trotta Bros Building Co in Kapunda, Southern Australia.

This MB 20C was found by Bob Vermeeren, Sales Account Manager at NTP Forklifts Australia who is the winner of our competition! He wins a $2,500 cash prize for his quest to find the Oldest Manitou in Oceania.

Manitou has been shipping rough terrain forklifts in Australia for the last 40 years, and is now recognized as a major player in Australia, especially in the farming industry where its telescopic handler is a must-have. Providing its customers with quality products whereby most of the Manitou machines shipped at that time are still working today, just like this MB20 C from the 1970’s. This underlines the fine quality and advanced engineering put into every Manitou machine.

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