Lower Costs and New Revue Streams for Landscapers and Greenhouse Operations

As far as site machinery and tools go, some people feel that you can never have too many. However, some feel that being economical and conservative is best. Well, if that’s the case and you want to invest in something that has multiple uses and will support your bottom-line growth, then Flipscreen is for you.

Flispcreen is made to fit any carrier whether you have a backhoe, excavator, skid steer even a telehandler, Flipscreen will fit the bill and when you arrive on the job site you get to work immediately, no setup is required.

Compared to other attachments on the market, Flipscreen has the largest screening surface area of its class, which enables high-volume screening rates. Every 2.5 seconds, the material is inverted, falls against the screen, breaking up lumps, and then travels across the mesh.

With most other “screening attachments”, as soon as the material is scooped,it will spill through the bucket. The Flipscreen’s base is like that of a standard bucket which is watertight, enablingthe operator to slew the load without spilling or in the case of a loader, tram the material to a specific location before processing.

Many people worry about screening wet soil or clay. Well, the Flipscreen has a unique brush that clears the mesh on every rotation, ensuring effective screening regardless of the material.The Flipscreen is an industry leader in these conditions.

A Flipscreen requires almost no maintenance, and because you don’t need to shake it, you are avoiding premature bushing and housing wear to the carrier, helping to reduce maintenance and repair costs. The plug-and-play simplicity of the machine, and its utility on-site, make it a money-making companion, greatly appreciated by the contractors who own them.

The ability to recover fertile native soils from the rocky substrate is a great way to produce valuable standalone material or a good product to mix with other grades of soil. The Flipscreen rapidly separates the soil from rocks, sticks, and other waste, creating a clean, saleable product. Quickly change your mesh and now you can further screen the “waste pile” to produce a specific sized rock/gravel product. You can even use your screener to wash the rock if you have a large trough or water supply on-site.

In addition to multiple different-sized screening meshes, we have developeda mixing plate cover with internal agitators that will allow you to mix cement or create seed or soil mixtures. Customers are using this cover to mix their high-grade topsoil with lesser-grade soil and compost to create a higher volume of material that they sell at a premium. Green waste can also be mixed and screened to create compost. The way the Flipscreen moves material in the bucket makes it great for comingling and blending, whether fitted with a normal mesh or the cover.

When turning up bulbs or pods, which have tiny roots, the soil sticks and goes to waste. Throw these in the bucket, engage the hydraulics and rotate until the soil has come loose. Greenhouses can recover soil from plastic trays of seeds that have failed to germinate and even stumps can be cleaned of soil.

Have a pile of firewood that needs cleaning? Run them through the Flipscreen and you are left with dirt and bark, a great source of compost, and a pile of clean firewood, ready for sale.

As a landscaper, you never know what material you may find on job sites, and the comforting feature of the Flipscreen, down to its design, is the ability to screen anything that you can scoop. Massive savings can be had on tipping fees and trucking by using the Flipscreen to process job site waste such as concrete, mixed rocks and soils, wood chips, and sod. Material recovered can often be used on the project.

Landscapers have spoken about the greatly reduced labour cost when using “freshly” screed topsoil in seed areas. The savings of which equals the soil cost by using fresh not compacted soil.

With a Flipscreen you now have a tool that many competitors don’t, which adds a greater service offering to prospective customers.

For more information on the world’s best screening attachment – www.flipscreen.net

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