LNA Master Landscapers Rates Guide: Schedule of Rates for Landscape Works

The LNA Master Landscapers Rates Guide may well be the most useful resource you ever buy for your landscape contracting business.

Now in its 16th Edition, the LNA Landscapers Rates Guide has grown to become the go to resource for landscape contractors in Australia. The Guide acts as a one-stop solution for job estimation and costing, and is indispensable for ensuring your business can accurately quote for work, whilst quickly and efficiently responding to clients. No more underestimating the costs of jobs or pricing yourself out of work. You can easily be competitively priced and still make the profit margins your business needs.

This latest edition has been fully revised and updated, is a very handy size to fit in your van’s glovebox and is conveniently tabbed and indexed to make it a cinch to use. Every contractor should have a copy!

What’s Included

Divided into sections relating to different aspects of a job, the rates guide aims to provide pricing rates for every part of the work, from the preliminaries to the finishing touches. Beginning with definitions and some handy ‘Construction Ready Reckoners’ for measurement and materials estimation, the Guide moves on to cover:

  • Work Preliminaries – this section covers all areas for pricing labour, vehicle costs and other business overheads
  • Site Works and Excavation
  • Hard Works
  • Soft Works
  • Irrigation and Maintenance, and
  • Plant and Equipment Hire.

The Guide also includes a directory of LNA Members and useful contacts for when your job could use a little specialised expertise from other sources.


$400.00 RRP, including GST

For those of you who are already LNA Members, this crucial resource is free with your membership. However, non-members will easily see the benefit of the initial outlay. The Guide is fully tax deductable and could pay for itself in the space of only one to two jobs by saving your business much needed time and money.

Where to Buy It

Contact the LNA Master Landscapers NSW & ACT for a copy.

Phone: 02 9630 4844

Email: lna@landscapenswact.com.au




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