LiuGong and Pro Contracting

Based in Mulgrave, NSW, Pro Contracting is an earthmoving and excavation company specialising in planning and carrying out various transport and excavation challenges. But as boss-man Josh Shawyer points out, there’s not much in the excavation line Pro Contracting doesn’t tackle, and the company’s rapid growth is a testament to competent people and good equipment.

“I started Pro Contracting in 2019,” said Josh, showing justifiable pride. “We now have about 18 staff, and we do a range of works… all aspects of excavation, really, and civil works and plant hire, too.”

Pro Contracting was just about to take delivery of its fourth LiuGong excavator, a 915FCR, and Josh was clearly a very happy owner.

“Yes, mate!” beamed the 31-year-old. “The LiuGong excavators have been really good. “The warranty’s great, parts are widely available, and back up and service from Liam King at the dealer, Pacific Machinery Group, has been brilliant. All our machines have just had the standard, scheduled servicing and I haven’t needed Pacific to come out for anything else. I just haven’t had any dramas with the machines.”

Pro Contracting was
just about to take
delivery of its fourth
LiuGong excavator,
a 915FCR.
Simple is a plus

While many operators will say, “An excavator is an excavator,” there’s a few aspects of the LiuGong range which Josh really likes.

“On the newest one we’re just about to have delivered, it’s got a 3D, full 360-degree camera, and I found that a really good feature. It’s also push-button start, so it’s up there with the technology.

“All in all, to be honest, the LiuGong excavators are fairly basic machines, but that’s not a bad thing to me. They do what they need to do and they’re comfortable for the operator, but they’re not too technical. I don’t need to go through every little thing when a new operator jumps in one.”

It’s not only Josh who’s keen on the reliability and simplicity of LiuGong. Jason Lyall, with the Australian distributor for LiuGong, gives Josh’s assessment a big thumbs up.

“Josh is spot on,” said Jason. “LiuGong equipment is extremely durable and we rarely have any issues once the machines are delivered to the customer.

“On the odd occasion there is an issue, we’re able to support the machine via the massive investment we’ve made in parts and also in local technical support. Along with the dealer, Pacific Machinery Group, we’re ecstatic Josh and the team at Pro Contracting have chosen to partner with us and look forward to supporting his continued growth well into the future.”

About LiuGong
LiuGong Machinery makes tough construction equipment that is easy to operate and maintain. Providing quality machines, excellent service and competitive prices, LiuGong has been leaders of the Chinese construction-equipment manufacturing industry since 1958. Recognition as the world’s top wheel-loader manufacturer has driven LiuGong’s expansion. LiuGong has 19 product lines, 20 manufacturing facilities and more than 10,000 employees. Globally, LiuGong serves the construction industry with more than 300 dealers in 170 countries.

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