LiuGong and Insight Electrical and Communications

Insight Electrical bought a new LiuGong for a tough job and found it ideal equipment for the work.

Simon Reed is the owner and director at Insight Electrical and Communications, a company which provides electrical and automation solutions to homes and businesses across The Sydney Hills District and Greater Sydney areas, and has done so for over 15 years.

In that time Simon and his staff have tried a few things and learned a lot, and these days things are going along nicely.

“We’ve downsized a little lately,” explained the Sydneysider. “We used to take all the work we could find. Now we concentrate on delivering quality. We take the jobs we know we can do really well.”

Having served over 5000 happy customers across Sydney, with a strong background in luxury residential fit-outs, Insight Electrical has found itself with some interesting commercial projects lately.

The new machine is a LiuGong 9027F ZTS.

Hard rock

“We’ve just done a fitout of Wombeyan Caves campground facility,” recounted Simon. “We had to do two kilometres of underground cabling. The ground was made up of more rock than soil in areas, and we also came across an underground water table.”

“It was a tough job,” he smiled. “We bought a new LiuGong for that one, and it’s been really great.”

The new machine is a 9027F ZTS, and, along with a few different buckets, Simon’s found it ideal equipment for the work he’s asked it to do. The fuel-efficient, low-noise and low-emission Stage V-certified Yanmar 3TNV80F-SNLY engine offers good power, and the hydraulics are matched with the engine for greater efficiency. LiuGong’s Automatic Idle Control means operators can expect to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent compared with the industry average, and the 9027F features high-flow, two-way attachment hydraulic lines with proportional control fitted as standard. Operators can easily use single-direction attachments like breakers, or dual-direction attachments like a tilting bucket.

The excavator also offers an optional rotation circuit and multiple flow attachments such as a selector grab or four-line tilt rotator.

“It’s comfortable and easy to use,” said Simon, “and we’ve been really impressed with its power. We had a heavier excavator on standby to lift a large switchboard, but the civvy guys took off with it on the day the switchboard arrived. I didn’t think there was any way the LiuGong could handle it, but we gave it a try and it did it easily. I was surprised at the LiuGong’s power.”

LiuGong’s Automatic Idle Control means operators
can expect to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 per
cent compared with the industry average.

Good choice

Insight Electrical looked hard at the possibility of the 9035E four tonner, but decided the slightly smaller machine would be better suited for the work the company was doing. Simon feels he made the right decision.

“It’s great!” he smiled. “It suits the work we need it to do, and it performs.”


LiuGong 9027F ZTS
Operating weight 2680kg
Rated power 52kW (20.4hp) @ 2500rpm
Bucket capacity 0.08m3
Arm digging force 12kN
Bucket digging force 20kN
Hydraulic system
maximum flow
Primary system pressure 21.6Mpa

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