LiuGong 9027F ZTS and Green Acres Golf Club

Green Acres Golf Club recently acquired a 9027F ZTS mini excavator to rebuild all its bunkers after last year’s floods.

“The water levels got to six feet high,” Nick explained. “The floods hit extremely hard, and the club has had to rebuild a lot of the course. We’re using the excavator for bunker work,” explained Nick. “We had to rebuild all of them. That’s the main job for the LiuGong at the moment. Then it will move on to drainage work.”

Built to perfect dimensions

“The size is perfect for us and what we do,” Nick continued. “The weight and tracks don’t affect the ground too much.”

With an overall length of 4160mm and an overall width of 1550mm, the 9027F boasts a very versatile frame that allows it to go almost anywhere landscapers need it to. The machine’s operating weight is just 2680kg, making it extremely light, and that’s even more impressive as it doesn’t come at much of a compromise. The Yanmar 4TNV98CT engine is more than powerful enough to get the job done

The lean design also means, for the Green Acres team, transportation around the large course is very easy and efficient.

Peter Walker, Regional Manager from Pacific Machinery Group (PMG), said the attributes of the 9027F were a real asset for the job in hand.

“For me to sell an excavator to this environment, a golf course, I needed a machine that was light to drive onto greens and which could get inside of bunkers. It needed a quick hitch which allowed it to do all sorts of work.”

The golf club needed a machine that
was light enough to drive onto greens
and which could get inside bunkers.
Reliable and supported

Green Acres purchased the 9027F from PMG and Peter had very high praise for the aftersales support from the LiuGong Australia team, recounting a minor issue: “They actually came out with three of their reps and their mechanics and techs, and they made some needed tweaks to the machine in front of the golf-course guys. I love that. That was terrific. And I think it showed the general manager it was a perfect thing to do when there was a problem.”

Peter also talked about quick parts delivery for the 9027F, saying, “With this machine, I’ve got parts in Melbourne, I’ve got parts in Sydney, I’m only a phone call away and we’ve got a very extensive parts list.

“We’ve got the top 500 parts purchased and stored in Sydney with LiuGong Australia and with PMG.”

The size is perfect for us
and what we do,” said Nick,
the assistant superintendant at
Green Acres Golf Club.

When asked about his favourite features of the 9027F, Peter reeled off, “What I like about the 9027 is its simplicity. That’s what it comes down to. It’s a simple machine.  It’s small, but still got some good grunt. The Yanmar three-cylinder diesel does everything just perfectly on this machine, and it has a quick hitch, an advanced hydraulic system, a two-speed travel system and there are multiple attachments available for it to different jobs.”

The cab of the 9027F is spacious and
air-conditioned, with an adjustable
seat and easy-to-use controls.

The Liugong 9027F ZTS has proven a huge asset for Green Acres Golf Course.

With its reliability, durability, and impressive performance, the LiuGong has been efficiently tackling rebuilding bunkers. The size of the machine is ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces around the course, ensuring precise and accurate reconstruction, and the advanced hydraulic system and powerful engine allow for smooth and efficient operation.

On top of all that, the professional and reliable support from LiuGong Australia are contributing to a seamless experience for Green Acres Golf Course.

LiuGong 9027F ZTS

Operating weight 2680kg
Engine power 15.2kW (20.4 hp) @ 2500rpm net
Bucket capacity 0.05m³-0.1m³
Maximum travel speed (high) 4.5kph
Maximum swing speed 9.5rpm
Arm breakout force 12kN
Bucket breakout force 20kN
Overall length 4160mm
Overall width 1550mm
Shipping height 2450mm
Track shoe width (std) 300mm
Boom 2080mm
Arm 1300mm
Digging reach 4757mm
Digging reach on ground 4648mm
Digging depth 2857mm
Vertical wall digging depth 2312mm
Cutting height 4365mm
Dumping height 3067mm
Minimum front swing radius 1965mm
Model Yanmar 3TNV80F- SNLY
Emission EU Stage V/ Tier 4f
System maximum flow 86.4L/min
System pressure 21.6MPa


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