LIAWA’S Growing Culture

With the new financial year just on our doorstep, LIAWA can look back over the past 12 months with a great sense of achievement. Membership and sponsorship has recorded one of its strongest periods in years since LIAWA first opened its doors some 43 years ago.

LIAWA’s Executive Officer Matthew Lunn however believes its future growth will naturally come if its focus is centred on its culture and the development of a strong community base within the organisation.

“We see this right across the great businesses and sporting clubs of the world – if there is that strong inner belief and positive culture of everyone rowing in the same direction then aims and goals of organisations will come to fruition as part of a process.

“We are very lucky that we are in an industry which overall has a good feeling. Landscapers and designers get a great sense of achievement from being creative, and seeing their work come to life from a well-planned project is a very rewarding part of their work. On the whole we have hard working individuals who enjoy life and walk around with a smile on their face.”

LIAWA’s focus is just that, by building on a high level of customer service and making it an organisation that people trust and enjoy being a part of will bring such a positive culture. Those smiles will just keep coming.

“Now that we have the buy in and an increase in interest via word of mouth it is critical we continue to constantly monitor how we can do what we do well better, and either shelve or revaluate ideas and processes that have less impact.”

LIAWA’s next step is to address a strongly branded internal accreditation program and although still on the drawing board, ‘The Master Landscaper Program’ is going to be critical in uniting the organisation further, but more importantly attracting new members who see value in building their level of professionalism.

“Building from the grass roots up from our students at TAFE to those who have entered the industry with no trade qualifications is all part of building that culture. It is critical we support those who are the new faces to the industry and guide them on a journey that will not only help set their standards, but also the standards of the industry particularly in the residential space.”

LIAWA continues to set bold plans but to stay competitive in an already busy market of associations looking to get your membership. LIAWA knows it can stand out amongst the crowd and can be prosperous into the future knowing it has the backing of all those involved.

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