Lawn mowers designed for an individual fit.

No two lawns are alike, so why treat them the same?…

Whether you are tending to your home garden or work in the professional landscaping industry, a perfectly mowed lawn calls for a lawn mower that is tailor made for both you and the lawn – With the right equipment, the job becomes easier and the superior results speak for themselves.

If reliability, ease of operation and an excellent result is what you look for in a lawn mower, then our range is for you. The compact design and easily adjusted controls provide superb manoeuvrability with all models delivering efficient, first-class results, time after time.

Change the cutting height to suit the lawn and choose the way you want to cut – with multiple cutting systems that let you collect, mulch or eject the clippings.

Features like soft grip handles, double ball-bearing wheels, easy to handle collector and central cutting height adjustment make mowing efficient and comfortable. 

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