Landscapers can win big!

Landscapers can win big thanks to FormBoss Garden Edging offering a big sweetener to landscapers and homeowners showing its Aussie-made product in use.

FormBoss Garden Edging, Australia’s own steel garden-edging innovation, wants landscapers and homeowners to show off their projects using the incredibly versatile and durable FormBoss garden edging products. The idea is to post pics of the garden work to FormBoss’ Facebook or Instagram pages. While the the pics are going up, the landscaper or homeowner can fill out a few details about themselves and the project and, boom! They’re in the draw for an awesome FormBoss Garden Edging prize!

Just like that.

On November 30, 2023, the garden gurus at FormBoss Garden Edging will select the winners and the landscaper will score a gift voucher for $1000 worth of FormBoss garden edging.

Homeowners can enter, but the big prize will go to a landscaper.

A homeowner – someone who’s not a pro landscaper – will be drawn to win a voucher for $500 worth of FormBoss product. “This is an exciting opportunity to help highlight the great work and projects landscape gardeners undertake using FormBoss garden edging,” said FormBoss CEO, Gerry Boerlage. “We’re happy for – and indeed encourage – all landscape gardeners to mention their business name and project location, and to tag in their friends and relevant business associations and contacts if they wish. “Best entry wins the prize, which is redeemable within a 12-month period from the date of draw,” he beamed, clearly excited at the whole idea.

What are you waiting for? Landscapers can win big! This has to be the best competition of the year. Do a great job and earn a big reward…what could be better?

Get those pics onto the FormBoss Facebook and Instagram pages. Chop-chop! Make sure you use the hashtags: #FormBossMetalEdging and #FormBossTransformations.

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