Landscape Irrigation Conference & Exhibition

Irrigation Australia’s Landscape Irrigation Conference & Exhibition 2019 will be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from Tuesday 18 to Thursday 20 June, 2019.

Irrigation Australia extends a warm welcome to all landscape contractors with an interest in the efficient use of water in irrigation. Irrigation Australia is delighted to announce that Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGI), Turf Australia (TA) and Landscape Queensland Industries Association (LQIA) have combined with Irrigation Australia to be event partners for the Landscape Irrigation Conference & Exhibition.

Irrigation Australia is also delighted that Seqwater is a major sponsor of the event. Seqwater is the Queensland Government statutory authority responsible for providing a safe, secure and cost-effective bulk drinking water supply for 3.1 million people across South East Queensland. Seqwater manages up to $11 billion of water supply assets – including the SEQ Water Grid and water for irrigation to about 1200 farmers across seven water supply scheme.

Delegates will hear educational and inspirational topics from a range of expert speakers from leading industry suppliers, councils and irrigation consultants. As an example, Mark Siebentritt from Seed Consulting will discuss growing cool cities and the role of irrigated green cover. Capital cities around Australia contain urban heat islands, that is, parts of the urban landscape where heat accumulates. Recent heat mapping studies have started to inform our understanding of what causes this heat to disproportionately build up. On one hand, materials like bitumen roads and synthetic turf accumulate heat during the day, whereas lighter coloured roofs and green cover are often cooler. There is also growing evidence about the magnitude of cooling benefits of irrigated green space. This presentation will provide case study information on the cooling benefits of irrigated green space, especially living turf, and how this should inform future decisions about how we cool, and grow, our cities.

You will also hear presentations from experts such as leading irrigation and landscape supplier Rain Bird on advanced irrigation systems and many others.

More detail on these relevant case studies can be found on their website

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