Landmark Products is excited to launch the New Eureka Modular Restroom Series

As Australia’s leading provider of pre-fabricated restrooms, the new modular “Eureka series” incorporates more than 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing restrooms – specifically for Australia’s diverse environment and includes the following features and benefits:

• Contemporary designs that blend into all open space environments and withstand public use
• 100 per cent Australian made with quality materials and finishes
• 10 year supply only or 20 year supply and installation warranties available
• National installation service
• Full Site Specific Engineering Certification (All Structures)
• Wind Classification of C2 (Cyclonic Regions)

• On average, a modular building is constructed 50 per cent faster than one using traditional methods and delivered using direct haul from factory, non-stop transport to site – reducing risk of damage
• Ability to lift out modular buildings and re-use in other locations (relocatable)
• Testing and commissioning performed by highly skilled personnel, any potential faults are identified prior to site delivery
• Modular buildings can be more affordable than site-built buildings with shorter build time and tends to mean significant cost savings as well as decreased obstructions in the process of waiting for materials
• As the major parts of construction are carried out in a factory, installation time is significantly reduced – improving the overall on-time project delivery
• Vandalism presents to be far less of a problem as a result
• Factory conditions allow for far greater control and improvement of health,safety and quality compared with the traditional building site
• Modular builds demonstrate a higher energy-efficiency and creates less waste as well as reducing the carbon footprint as fewer people are travelling to and from the site

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