Lake Burley Griffin waterfront designs approved

Lake Burley Griffin is a much-loved and defining feature of Canberra. Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin’s original plan intended to connect the city centre and the water. The City Renewal Authority has been working closely with the community and stakeholders to realise this concept and transform Acton Waterfront into a place for all Canberrans to enjoy.

The Acton Waterfront project

The National Capital Plan envisages Acton Waterfront as‘a vibrant cultural and entertainment precinct on a waterfront promenade. The area will create a new city neighbourhood, extending the city to the lake with a cosmopolitan mixture of shops, businesses, cafes, recreations, tourist activities and accommodation.’

The City Renewal Authority has adopted a place-based approach in undertaking urban renewal and is committed to working closely with the community and key stakeholders to realise its strategic vision. A copy of the Acton Waterfront Place Plan is available at

The Acton Waterfront project is first and foremost about providing a place for people. This includes new open spaces, improved connections with the city centre, better access for water activities and a celebration of the site’s history and national significance.

The project includes:
* Henry Rolland Park
* Boardwalk extension
* Ngamawari (Acton Waterfront park), and
* Future estate – consultation underway.

Ngamawari designs approved

The National Capital Authority has recently approved designs to transform the Lake Burley Griffin waterfront at Acton into a people-focused urban park by a consortium led by Aspect Studios.

To be named Ngamawari after the Ngunnawal word meaning ‘cave place’, the park’s design will raise the visibility of the territory’s First Nations’ history. The name was chosen by the local Ngunnawal community in recognition of the cultural significance of the limestone caves flooded in the construction of Lake Burley Griffin.

The park will include spaces for events, markets, exhibitions, community gatherings and activities, with a community plaza, landscaped areas, public barbecues, shelters and toilets.

A landscape architect and consultancy team are being sought to detail the design for construction.

“Ngamawari will be a new destination park visited and valued by all Canberrans, and contribute greatly to our vision of making Canberra’s City Centre a great place to live, work and visit,” said Malcolm Snow, CEO of City Renewal Authority told “The design created in partnership with the community honours the traditional custodians, and elevates sustainability, accessibility and inclusion, active travel, and integration with public transport throughout the future park.”

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Image: ACT City Renewal Authority



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