Kress 60V 35 N Backpack Blower

Kress has launched a battery cordless commercial blower to rival traditional petrol equipment.

After announcing its launch to dealers in June, Kress has revealed its zero-emission cordless blower for professional use.

The Kress 60V 35 N Backpack Blower is battery operated, and while rivalling petrol power, its quieter operation minimises neighbourhood disruption and provides greater operator comfort.

The Backpack Blower is one of the many Kress tools that could diminish the use of the petrol-powered equipment in the commercial landscaping industry.

Built to work

The Kress Kress 60V 35 N Backpack Blower has an ergonomic backpack design that is adjustable and air permeable, improves users’ comfort, and lessens fatigue.

With an IPX4 water-resistant design, superior power levels and an elevated comfort level, the Kress Commercial Blower will address landscaping needs regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, the Backpack Blower features a cruise control function, four speed settings, a modulating throttle and a Kress-built commercial-grade brushless motor, providing more power, longer runtime, and extended lifespan over brush-type motors.

No downtime

Critically, the Kress 60V 35 N Backpack Blower includes the Kress 8-minute CyberSystem™ that has unlocked the product potential up to 10x the battery life, 2x power output, 8-minute charge time and zero downtime. Rather than the expense of multiple battery packs, slow overnight charge times and high battery replacement costs, the new Kress CyberSystem™ promises lower operating costs longer term, and a sustainable solution for professional landscapers forced to accept higher-emissions petrol-powered equipment as the only viable economic option for performance, efficiency, and runtime.

The CyberSystem™ is operated by 60V CyberPack™ batteries available in 4Ah/240Wh and 11Ah/660Wh. These batteries are capable of producing up to twice the power output of standard lithium-ion batteries.

A greener future

Don Gao, Chairman and CEO of Positec Group, said, “Thanks to the Kress silent technology, there is no issue disturbing customers and bystanders. Landscaping teams can even converse with co-workers while the equipment is in operation. With 85m/s air speed and 1529m3/h equating to 35N of air force, there is no alternative to the Kress Commercial Blower.”

Kress has a long-regarded international reputation in advanced German engineering. It is leading the transformation to batterypowered lawn and garden maintenance gear in a platform that will power a full line of Kress professional outdoor equipment, including the commercial-grade Backpack Blower. There are no more excuses to keep operating noisy, high-cost petrol equipment or wasting time with cordless battery tools that won’t get the job done.

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