Kioti CS2610

Mike Streeter and his partner Sonja are building a house in the Victorian high country and they needed advice about which small tractor would be best to help them work on site and establish a garden. When they saw what the Kioti CS2610 could do, they knew they had to have one. Half a year later, they are more than happy with their choice.

Mike and Sonja bought land in Jamieson in the Victorian high country. Living in a small house on site, they are building their new home on two acres of undulating rocky land.

Mike said he didn’t know anything about tractors. “A friend of mine has a tractor but it’s not a Kioti. I researched different brands and then we went to see our local Kioti dealer,” said Mike.

“We told him what we were doing, and he explained what we’d need and what we didn’t need. He showed us photos of a CS2610 clearing someone else’s site.

“I was pleased Kioti tractors are from South Korea, and the price was right too. We bought our CS2610 last February with a 4-in-1 bucket, and it is so easy to drive. It’s the best. I love using it,” he said.

“The controls are very well laid out and easy to understand. The optional 4WD and diff lock are fantastic. It’s got good power and a great turning circle. Spins on a dime. “There are so many different jobs I can do with it. I’ve moved a big pile of dirt into the garden area. I’ve created a fenced-off section to keep the deer out and we’ve created areas for planting out camellias and other trees. I’ve also moved many potted plants around in the bucket.

“We had a pile of road base delivered and I’ll be moving that and levelling the ground in front of the shed and along the driveway soon. I’m thinking I might get a backhoe, and put some forks on the front, then I’ll be able to do even more with my Kioti.”

“I’m a big fan of saying something’s good when it is.

“I like to reward good service and acknowledge good products. Our Kioti CS2610 is just wonderful. I love it.”

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