Keperra Granite Landscape & Quarry Products.

Known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, Keperra granite is fantastic for landscaping applications.

Lantrak’s granite site is located approximately 7km north-west of the Brisbane CBD, and encompasses a granite processing facility with daily activities to extract and refine the raw granite boulders into a range of landscaping and construction materials.

In addition to its exceptional drainage properties, there’s just something charmingly rustic about the look and sound of gravel underfoot on a path, or by having boulders placed architecturally in a garden. Even used to border a path or driveway, Keperra granite product can form an integral part of a garden.

Lantrak recently introduced an ‘Online Store’ that shows a range of material and product listings in an easy-to-navigate format. All of Lantrak’s Keperra Granite Products are listed online, allowing the user to view and compare products from a range of sources.

Lantrak’s Keperra granite is suitable for end-uses such as:
• Feature pieces
• Rock and retaining walls
• Driveways and paths
• Gabion baskets
• Paving

To order product, please visit or phone 0447 352 130.
The quarry is located at 469 Settlement Road, Keperra, QLD, 4054.

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