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Combining their extensive knowledge and experience, Karen and Matt Goodman identified a need for a more targeted approach towards the retainingwall and garden-edging market and made the decision to launch KayCee Industries to service those needs.

Partner business Dandenong Steel predominately deals with structural steel, merchant bar and sheet metal, cutting to whatever size is requested, while KayCee Industries deals with all the retaining-wall and garden-edging material. The result is an extensive range of products for an ever-growing landscaping market. Reliable, customer-focussed service, competitive pricing and a can-do attitude are central to Kaycee Industries’ thinking.

Does the company deliver?

We decided to ask someone who’d know.

The landscaping one-stop shop

“Just call it ‘Coolabah’”, said a smiling Lewis Moran, co-owner of Coolabah Building and Landscape Construction in Victoria, and a very happy customer of Kaycee Industries.

Having started as an apprentice 15 years ago, Lewis worked his way up the ladder and eventually bought into the business with founder, Dave Jarman. Lewis is visibly very happy with the way things are going for Coolabah.

“We’re really custom solutions for all outdoor spaces,” he explained over the phone, denying he was floating around in a pool with a pina colada. “We’ll build outdoor rooms, pools, decks, pergolas, paving, retaining walls…anything exterior of the house.”

Coolabah’s relationship with Kaycee Industries began five or six years ago when it built a pool for Kaycee’s owners, Karen and Matt. It was clear to Lewis that Kaycee’s business model was a good one which would work to his benefit.

“Karen at Kaycee just makes purchasing all landscape materials easy,” related Lewis. “Rather than going to one place for sleepers, then a steel company for H channels, then going somewhere else for concrete posts for a deck and whatever, Kaycee Industries has it all there. The Coolabah guys all have Kaycee’s number and whenever they need anything, they’ll just call and Karen will organise it.”


Convenience and efficiency are important to any business, but Kaycee adds a personal touch that makes the service a big step above some of its bigger rivals.

“I suppose it’s because we’re dealing with the owner,” said Lewis. “It’s like anything: people work a lot harder in their own business, and most of the time it’s Karen who answers the phone. When I ask, ‘Hey, I know I’ve left my order a bit late, but can we get it for tomorrow?’ Karen will usually say, ‘I think I can move something around and I can get that to you by 7.30. Does that work?’

“That’s so much better than big companies who say, ‘No. There’s two jobs booked ahead of you and you have to wait your turn.’

“Karen knows whether the other jobs she’s servicing are urgent or not. She doesn’t just follow a booking sheet. The service at Kaycee is great.”


There it is.

For landscaping businesses in the Dandenong and Melbourne regions, Kaycee Industries can supply the materials needed for most jobs and have ready for collection at one location.

That has to be a huge time saver and a big efficiency boost on any day.

Kaycee Industries products
• Retaining-wall steel
• Sleepers, concrete, timber
• Bagged concrete mix, rapid set
• Metal screens, (made to order)
• Garden edging, mild steel and/ or Corten
• Garden-edging connectors
• Star pickets
• Ag pipe
• Timber stakes and pegs.

 Give Kaycee a call on (03) 8899 7357 or, to find out more about the company, log on to kayceeindustries.com.au. 



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