K-Rain Rotary Nozzles

K-Rain meets the highest standards of water efficiency in the industry today.

Low precipitation rates remain proportionate even after arc and radius adjustment, meaning the speed at which water is being applied to a specific area will not vary depending on how the nozzle is adjusted.

Packed with Innovative Features:

  • Fully adjustable 80° to 360° – only one SKU per distance
  • Hand adjustable – no tools needed
  • Radius adjustment up to 30% – no tools needed
  • 25% radius reduction – patented flow control
  • Arc adjustment wet or dry – visual left start and right stop
  • Double pop up system – superior dirt tolerance
  • Speed rotation control – silicon grease
  • Three model options – distances from 13’ to 28’ (3.96m to 8.53m)
  • Matched precipitation – superior efficiency in water and uniformity through all patterns and distances
  • Low precipitation rate – reduces runoff and improves soil absorption
  • Low flow rate – allows for more heads per zone, fewer zones
  • Viscous dampening – ensures consistent application speed over varying flow rates and pressure ranges
  • Multiple stream technology – for improved wind resistance
  • Large filter – prolongs product life
  • Can be installed in the same zone as rotors

New installations

With proven matched precipitation and  low flow rates, the K-Rain rotary nozzles streamline the installation of new systems, reducing both labour and material costs.

  • Install more heads per zone (smaller pipe, fewer valves and smaller controller required)
  • Mix and match with traditional rotors to cover small areas
  • Efficient watering of parkway strips, medians, side yards and more


K-Rain’s rotary nozzles improve the water efficiency of almost any existing system. They also restore systems that have poor coverage or inadequate hydraulics.

  • Easily correct for uniformity and brown spot problems
  • Reduce water use up to 30% without sacrificing turf quality
  • Correct for improper spacing of existing spray heads
  • Increase pressure for marginal systems


RN100-ADJ Adjustable 80°-360° 4-4.5m (Green)

RN200-ADJ Adjustable 80°-360° 4.8-5.8m (Blue)

RN300-ADJ Adjustable 80°-360° 8-9m (Red)

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