JR Machinery appointed representative of Energreen products in Australia

JR Machinery based in Brisbane, have been experts in the business of outdoor power equipment combining retail and full servicing of machinery equipment for over 54 years with John Raadschelders at the reigns. They are pleased to announce their recent appointment to represent Energreen products in Australia.

Energreen is a world leader in manufacturing a range of remote-controlled slope mowers otherwise known as tool carriers and ILF mobile wheeled units.

Robo Range
Robo is a constantly evolving range of remote-controlled tool-carrier machines, designed to offer different solutions and to face different needs of work especially on slopes and, as consequence, increase productivity.

Safety is one of the fundamental points, the machines do not directly expose the operator to risks induced by work activities such as: noise, vibrations, exposure to exhaust gases, overturning of the vehicle, projection of materials, etc.

JR Machinery have the following range to choose from including ROBO MINI 23 HP petrol engine, ROBO EVO 40 HP, ROBO MIDI 60 HP Turbo, and ROBO MAXI 75HP Turbo.

All ROBO Energreen remote-controlled models are also known as tool carries and have the ability to mount 25 different attachments, making them one of the most versatile remote-controlled machines on the market in Australia. Robo range of remote-controlled slope tool carriers would be a suitable solution for Government departments, councils, arbortist, vegetation management, firebreaks clearing, roadside maintenance, steep terrain, mowing contractors etc.

Robo features
The Robo full range have a list of features built in, which make them easy to maintain and service the engine, along with the hydraulics system.

Super rubber tracks are 280mm wide and a fully offset angle rubber track of 45 degrees, so the machine will not slide down the slopes. The tracks are hydraulic adjusted with rollers on top and bottom greaseable, with a hardened steel drive sprocket.

The YANMAR diesel engine range is now STAGE 5 and is the latest fit, in the Energreen range of slope mowers. YANMAR diesel engines have been designed for Energreen with a new redesigned engine oil sump for slope mowing which will be capable of up to a 55-degree angle in any direction.

All Robo machines are designed and built with a double ROPS frame. All points of maintenance are easily accessible. Energreen remote controlled range uses the most advanced self-cleaning reversible fan FLEXXAIRE which is hydraulic operated and can be also be operated manually when required.

ROBO strengths
Safety and Comfort
• Radio controlled (150 m)
• Operator in safety zone
• Emergency button on remote control
• Excellent handling
• Easy to use and carry

• Several available tools
• Road and river maintenance
• Green maintenance and forestry work
• Agriculture and industry service
• Winter road service

Working on steep slopes
• Traction in all directions
• Special design of the track
• Special oil sump
• Low centre of gravity

• Fast execution of work
• Reduced consumption
• Manoeuvrability on any surface
• Easy to carry

ILF range
The range of ILF self-propelled hydrostatic machines have been designed primarily for the professional care of large outdoor spaces, such as cleaning road edges and the maintenance of water networks or river basins.

These Energreen machines are equipped with sturdy telescopic arms with working distances between 5.5 and 17 metres whereby it is possible to apply various professional equipment for the care of road and river green, the reclamation of green and forest areas, the winter road, the earth moving and railway services.

ILF machines were born to introduce an innovative working method.

The ILF range includes mobile 4WD, 4-wheel steer, fully hydrostatic drive, airconditioned cab, and a 90-degree rotational cab which works in either direction making a productive mowing day.

The cabin is certified in terms of safety by FOPS-ROPS tests against the risk of overturning and falling objects, is adequately soundproofed, equipped with an efficient air conditioning system, and equipped with all those requirements necessary to ensure the operator a working environment that is safe and comfortable. The rotation of the cab allows the mowing of the grass in both directions, without the need to turn the machine with a significant reduction in time and labour costs. The rotated cabin allows the operator to maintain a correct body posture, avoiding stress and back or neck problems, as well as managing the work in great comfort and attention.

The ILF range models have a 173 hp to 220 hp. They can operate reach mowers, and road barrier mowing at the same time.

A complete full range of attachments are available to suit the ILF range of mobile units.

The ILF machines can install a reach mower up to 17 metres on some models.

The ILF Alpha can fit forest mulchers to 11 metres high and a three-blade circular saw, two metres to cut vegetation and mow under the road barrier at the same time.

Energreeen ILF models can be factory fitted with the hydraulic railway wheels attachment so it would allow either side of the railway line banks to be maintained

ILF Strengths
Safety and Comfort
• FOPS-ROPS homologated cabin
• High visibility panoramic windscreen
• Excellent working ergonomics
• SCD Stability Control Device

• Sturdy telescopic arm
• Various available tools
• Green and forestry maintenance
• Front and rear attachment for tools

• Reinforced frame made of special steel
• Certified European components
• Powerful and efficient engines
• Heavy Duty hydrostatic transmissions

• Bidirectional work
• Manoeuvrability on all grounds
• More applicable equipment
• Easy and smart to use
• Energreen Control Interface

Always at your service
Energreen Service head office in Italy is composed of a team of technical specialists, available 24/7. JR Machinery offer full support 24/7 for technical assistance along with operational advice and support for the end users. Dealers required.

For more information and pricing for the Robo and ILF range, please contact JR Machinery on 0419 726 053, email johnraadschelders56@gmail.com or visit their website at www.jrmachinery.com.au.

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