Join LIAWA and propel your career in the horticultural industry

LIAWA is a forward-thinking and professional association dedicated to bolstering and empowering the crucial landscaping industries’ vibrant community.

Are you passionate about horticulture and landscaping? Do you look to create well-designed, maintained and beautiful landscapes, highly valued by your clients?

Look no further than the Landscape Industries Association of Western Australia (LIAWA). This esteemed association has been at the forefront of promoting professionalism, collaboration, and a skilled workforce in the landscape industry for more than 40 years.

Knowledge and expertise

Darren Seinor understands the value of LIAWA membership firsthand. As the owner/ operator of Garden Solutions and President of LIAWA, Darren is a prominent figure in the horticultural media landscape. Darren’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals. His expertise and dedication have earned the respect of his peers and the public alike.

A father of three boys and a tree farmer residing in the beautiful Perth hills, Darren’s dedication to the industry has earned him recognition as one of WA’s gardening gurus. Every Saturday and Sunday morning from 6.00am you’ll find Darren on the microphone at Perth broadcasting station 6PR, sharing his formidable gardening and landscaping knowledge on talkback radio.

“I hear every weekend from people who are passionate about their plants and green life,” explained Darren. “Radio is an excellent medium to share horticultural knowledge, especially as many people, particularly older individuals, are actively engaged and eager to learn more about their plants, gardens, and the environment.”

With over a decade of experience in radio and television, Darren has established himself as a prominent figure in horticultural media.


Despite his achievements, Darren recognises the importance of bringing new voices and faces to the industry.

“There’s a lot of scope for having an online presence, blogging, FB live and look at plants and landscaping and environs in a unique way,” he explained. “The industry always needs new talent.”

Over the past decade, horticultural media has undergone remarkable transformations, and as a dedicated member of the Horticultural Media Association, Darren has witnessed these changes firsthand. He recognises the shifting landscape, particularly with regards to the association’s aging membership and the decline of glossy gardening magazines that were once lucrative sources of revenue for media outlets.

As Darren explained, the emergence of new media, especially Pinterest, has revolutionised the way landscaping and gardening information is delivered to audiences.

Darren Seinor, president of LIAWA and a prominent figure in the horticultural media landscape.

Membership Matters

Darren’s impressive juggling of media commitments, a thriving landscaping business, committee memberships and his role as President of LIAWA exemplifies his unwavering dedication to the industry.

“Being part of LIAWA has been transformative for me as it unites industry professionals, emphasises collaboration with other associations, and ensures top-notch quality from its members.

“By joining LIAWA, you’ll have the chance to actively participate in proactive measures to combat the effects of climate change in Perth. With the loss of green canopy in densely packed suburbs, it’s crucial to promote sustainable gardening practices and create greener environments for a cooler and healthier future,” he offered.

LIAWA offers member-only free Waterwise training programs for garden designers and landscapers. Membership also provides a platform to showcase your talent through its Awards program, and to connect with a growing audience of plant and garden enthusiasts through its podcasts, socialmedia channels, and its regular e-News.

Darren Seinor’s success story highlights the importance of passion, dedication, and a strong online presence in the horticultural and media industries. By joining LIAWA, you will not only gain access to valuable resources and networking opportunities, but also contribute to the growth and development of the industry. Embrace the opportunities LIAWA offers and propel your career in the exciting world of horticulture and possibly new media too!

LIAWA is a forward-thinking and professional association, dedicated to bolstering and empowering the crucial landscaping industries’ vibrant community. We achieve this by providing strong leadership, impactful advocacy, hosting distinctive events, delivering specialised training, and fostering a powerful brand presence. Members benefit from:
• Advocacy to governments, education, industry bodies and allied organisations
• Board connected and & professional volunteers working for you
• Awards, State and National network connection
• Compliance and regulation updates
• Branding and consumer trust – LIAWA is recognised as professional, trustworthy, ethical and commercially reliable
• Member training and discounts – various supplier offers.
• Discounted rates to events, workshops, forums and networking, and
• Communications and promotions.

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