John Deere’s 317G Compact Track Loader Let’s take a closer look

Comfort, Control and Convenience make up this 317G compact track loader from John Deere.

In a John Deere 317G compact track loader, “compact” does not mean cramped! Larger entryways with doors that swing out make it easier to get in, get comfortable, and get on with it. Inside, there is more foot and legroom. Quiet pressurized cabs help to keep the dust out and the noise down, so you can focus on work — and even enjoy the hands-free Bluetooth® radio for streaming your favourite media.

A comfortable, adjustable high-back sculpted seat provides daylong comfort and support. For even more comfort, a heated air-ride seat is available. Clear sightlines to the cutting edge and bucket corners, above and below the lift arms, and the jobsite ahead instil confidence when working in close quarters.

The 317G features push-button selectable electro-hydraulic (EH) hand or foot controls and connect-under-pressure auxiliary hydraulic couplers. EH differential steering speeds up the outside track during a turn, providing faster travel whilst manoeuvring and more powerful turns when grading and hauling. EH controls enable features such as creep control so the engine RPM can be maintained at full speed and the operator can reduce travel speed in ten per cent increments so they can match the ground speed to the attachment.

Check the 317G CTL specs and you’ll see exceptional pushing power and breakout force deliver the tractive effort and leverage to dig in where other machines just spin.

Equipped with optional 15.8-inch track, the 317G CTL’s ground pressure is just 4.5 psi, enabling work in soft underfoot conditions and side-slope stability. With standard 12.6-inch track, ground pressure is only 5.5 psi along with widths at less than 72 inches with optional 15.8-inch track and just over 65 inches with standard 12.6-inch track, little gets in the way of the 317G CTL. Its small stature makes it easy to trailer, too.

Push-button convenience with the optional sealed-switch module provides access to keyless start and anti-theft settings, plus fingertip activation of numerous machine functions including optional ride control and hydraulic self-leveling.

Easy refuelling and other fluid additions are convenient and quick. Generous tank capacity and fuel-efficient diesels enable daylong operation, letting you accomplish more between fill-ups.

Checks are simplified with colour-coded handles and caps on conveniently positioned dipsticks and filler necks. See-through reservoirs and sight gauges let you check fuel, hydraulic oil, and windshield washer fluid levels at a glance. Spin-on engine oil and fuel filters mounted remotely behind the rear door allow quick changes. Extended service intervals reduce downtime for scheduled maintenance. For easy drivetrain reach, the operator’s station also swings up and out of the way in less than two minutes.

Full-tilt access is achieved by swinging open the rear door and tilting up the hood for convenient ground-level reach to dipsticks, fuel- and fluid-filler necks, making access to filters achievable without rolling back coolers or removing sections of the belly pan.

Cleanout is a breeze as the hinged rear door and hydraulic cooler swing open, making trash removal and core cleanout simple. Latched coolers separate easily without the need for tools. If you are a ‘neat freak’ or run a rental yard, you will appreciate the convenient floor access that helps speed maintenance. Cab side windows also remove easily for cleaning.

Auxiliary hydraulic lines and wiring are routed through the boom, where they’re protected from damage.

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