John Deere X350 Ride-On Mower

John Deere is one of the most well-known manufacturers of tractor-style ride-on mowers in the world because the American manufacturer has a massive range to suit any application.

After predominantly using zero-turns for many years I recently used John Deere’s X350 Select Series™ Ride-on and I have to say this style of mower has had a lot of improvements from the tractor-type versions of the past and is now packed with features.

The John Deere X350 is powered by a Kawasaki FS600V – a 603cc engine producing 18.5hp, well known for its reliability and longevity, and a perfect match for this size cut.

The air filter is easily accessed without tools and general access for engine maintenance is excellent with the oil filter unobstructed and an extension pipe fitted to the oil drain plug for easy collection of drained oil. The spark plugs and fuel filter also have ample access, which can be uncommon in many compact lawn tractors.

The John Deere Accel Deep™ pressed deck is 42 inches wide with a twin blade setup. The depth around the entire deck is 12.6cm with a large discharge opening ensuring cut grass is expelled well resulting in a neat even cut.            

The hydrostatic transmission is a neat unit with the pump and motor enclosed in the diff/axle housing. Easy-to-operate forward and reverse pedals and a brake pedal are located on the right-side making operation simple for any operator.

Operating the cutting height adjustments is simple with an easy-to-read dial located on the body between the operator’s legs.

Should the deck levels become out of alignment a deck levelling gauge/tool is stored in a special compartment under the seat allowing the operator to make adjustments in the field and ensure a neat cut.

A detailed service schedule guide sticker is located under the hood, which is a great idea as books often get misplaced, and a handy deck wash hose port aids in keeping the mower in top operating condition.

A large fuel filler port reduces the possibility of spills and ensures quick filling of the 12.5 litre tank.

The seat is comfortable and has a huge forward/backward range to suit any size operator. The dash is well laid out with everything in fingertip range and an electronic screen displays all information the operator could want; including fuel level, engine tacho, service reminder, hour metre, battery voltage and more.

Two great features are cruise control, which is a nice touch for large areas, and headlights both for safety and those late finishes.

Something minor I noticed about the X350 is that the side chute doesn’t fold up to vertical, which limits the machine’s access and storage capabilities. The John Deere X350 Ride-on Mower is a great compact machine packed with operator friendly features and a far cry from the tractor-style ride-ons of the past, with a notable difference – the impressive turning circle. John Deere backs the X350 with a very respectable 4-year or 300-hour warranty.

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