John Deere Go-Anywhere Work Vehicles

Whether it’s crossing creeks, traversing steep dusty inclines or pulling a trailer full of soil, John Deere Gator™ XUV Utility Vehicles have proved themselves time and time again. This go-anywhere, dependable and reliable work vehicles will stop at nothing to get the job done.

With a reputation for durability and quality, you won’t find a wider choice of utility vehicles to meet your needs and

John Deere’s got the line up to prove it. Look no further than their E Models, which feature ample storage, comfortable ride handling, and a well-equipped interior.

 Available in both Mid-Size and Full-Size, you can choose the Gator that’s the best fit for you. Starting off their Mid-Size Gators, the XUV560E offers a great value solution for any job, big or small, with a ute style tailgate, user-friendly cockpit, and easy-to-use dashboard controls. The independent four-wheel suspension provides a smooth ride and excellent handling on all terrains. Delivering quick acceleration and off-road capabilities with a 12kW (16hp) engine, the XUV560E is designed to perform, day in and day out. Followed by the XUV590E 4WD – designed with performance, comfort, and customisation in mind. The mid-size chassis, powerful twin-cylinder 23.8kW (32hp) petrol engine, and independent four wheel suspension provide an unparalleled balance of performance and work. This unique suspension set-up provides a comfortable ride over challenging terrain and excellent handling through corners.

These Mid-Size Gators also come with a 408kg (900 lb) payload capacity. In the Full-Size range, the XUV825E is designed to tackle heavy-duty jobs. The extra durable cargo box ensures hard-working performance and longevity, with the capacity to carry up to 454kg,  secured by the 20 tie-down points.

With its advanced engine system, electronic fuel injection – 37kW (50hp) – and independent four-wheel suspension, the XUV825E is built for off-road.

Then there’s the XUV855E, engineered to deliver performance on all terrains. Its precision-engineered drivetrain system fully utilises its 17kW (23hp) engine power to enhance acceleration, hauling and towing (payload capacity 601kg), and hill-climbing abilities. It has a true on-demand 4WD system with an auto-locking front differential and dash-mounted electronic rocker switch.

With the flick of a switch, move from 4WD needed for challenging conditions to 2WD for turf-friendly operation.

With commercial finance* also available, stop at nothing. Go Gator. Find out more about the full range at your local dealer or visit http://JohnDeere. The choice is yours. *Conditions apply. John Deere Financial Limited. Approved commercial applicants only.

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