John Deere 333G Compact Track Loader

The 333G compact track loader (CTL) can be outfitted with a range of grade control solutions, from 2D Laser Slope Control, SmartGrade™ Ready with Slope Control, and the industry’s first fully integrated 3D grade control solution available on a compact track loader, SmartGrade™. All these solutions provide an overall, more efficient manner of cutting and spreading material to get to grade the first time and avoid rework, even in tight areas.

2D Laser Slope Control provides a cost-effective and precise solution for grading flat pads and simple slopes, both in outdoor and indoor settings. Receivers on the blade detect a plane provided by an offboard base station and signal the machine controllers to raise, lower, or pitch the blade automatically to cut the final target grade.

SmartGrade™ Ready with Slope Control is an entry-level grade control system on the 333G CTL that assists operators in grading smooth planar surfaces by automating the blade using machine position or operator-desired mainfall and/ or crossfall slopes to automate raising, lowering, and tilting of the blade.

John Deere’s 2D Slope Control.

SmartGrade™ is a solution that integrates precision 3D grade control technology, from the factory, that takes the guesswork out of finish grading on jobsites with 3D models with complex slopes and cut/fill requirements.

Regardless of which option is selected, all three solutions come with standard features that provide the 333G with a unique advantage no matter the jobsite.

The Deere designed-and-built six-way dozer-blade attachment is robust enough to cut rough grade, but also smooth enough to do precision fine grading, and is included in both SmartGrade™ and Slope Control offerings.

With just the push of a button on the SSM, DozerMode can be enabled to allow the machine controls to function like those on a crawler dozer, while EZ Grade software stabilises the blade for smoother grading while operating manually.

John Deere’s grade control is upgradable, too. You can start out with 2D slope control and upgrade to a 3D SmartGrade without having to buy a new machine.

Operator-friendly cab

The spacious and pressurised cab means operators can stay fresh throughout the entire workday, thanks to designs that minimise noise levels and keep water and dust out. Switchable controls allow an operator to choose the pattern they prefer (ISO, H-pattern, foot controls, or ISO plus foot controls), meaning they can get to work quicker and easier.

Spacious and ergonomically designed cab.

The ergonomic design includes a larger and continuous footwell to allow for extra room and repositioning of the operator’s feet to maximise comfort, and controls are in operator-friendly locations that allow for repetitive movements to take place easier. The outcome is operators won’t tire as quickly throughout the day.

Multiple slip-resistant steps and six handles mounted on the interior and exterior of the machine result in a safer and more natural way to get in and out of the cab, while inside, an expertly designed aircon system with vents spaced along the side, bottom, and rear guarantees operator comfort in any season.

Excellent visibility

A good field of vision enables an operator to view the jobsite, and to be as precise and productive as possible, while increasing jobsite awareness. The view from the cab of the 333G is exceptional at all times, but optional deluxe LED lighting provides increased visibility early in the morning or at night over the standard halogen package. There’s also a clear line of sight from the seat under the boom arms to see the tyres, even when the boom is down, and great visibility to the cutting edges and Quik-Tatch™ lock and unlock indicators.

Topping off the excellent all-round visibility are a rear-view camera, lowsloped hood and a high cross-tube on the upper-linkage for unmatched rear visibility.

Productivity enhancements

CTLs have enhanced features that result in higher productivity in applications like V-pattern truck loading, bale handling, and grading when compared to the competition. Increased bucket breakout forces result in better handling of pallets of pavers or other heavy materials, in addition to helping heap the bucket with larger loads. On the 333G an anti-stall feature monitors engine load to quickly prevent stalling, allowing the operator to use the maximum horsepower efficiently when pushing large amounts of material, and differential steering allows maintaining speed and traction when pushing through a turn.

Finally, the standard two-speed drivetrain delivers travel speeds up to 13kph that allow operators to get from one side of the job to the other much quicker.

The John Deere 333G Compact Track Loader is ready work, quickly, efficiently, with a high level of comfort for the operator.

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