Job Ready Trailers

Whether you’re transporting machinery or a load of dirt, you need a trailer that’s built with the best quality in mind so you can focus on the road ahead.

In the market there is a variety of options for machinery and equipment trailers and it can be challenging to select the right trailer for the right job.

It is safe to say that Jimboomba Trailers and Fabrication (JTF) has recognised this dilemma and worked to develop a unique range of trailers to suit a variety of industry from construction to earthmoving and landscaping to agricultural.

Why is JTF a cut above the competition? JTF continuously research, consult with industry professionals and engage with the end user to gather feedback and information to better improve their designs. This is how JTF has established a strong reputation and durable product in a competitive market.

One of the offerings from JTF is its compact, lightweight 2T Aluminium Excavator Trailer. This compact trailer is light in weight but packed with features, something that customers have come to expect from the team at JTF. This compact trailer is constructed from a special marine-grade aluminium making the trailer light but extremely strong for its capacity. Another feature that is worth a mention and will keep the safety offi cers smiling is the sloped design load area, which means your equipment will move from ground to trailer on one continuous slope reducing the risk of rollover.

The trailer is constructed with compact excavators in mind and will suit most small excavators on the market. The trailer operates safely under road regulations with mechanical brakes, elevating the need for an electric brake controller, giving you more fl exibility if towing with multiple vehicles.

JTF also manufactures and offers a diverse range of trailer options to suit many types of equipment that include aluminium trailers from GTM 750kg to 4.5T and steel trailers from GTM 750kg to 12T. JTF has honed its skills over the last decade and built a team of engineers and tradesmen with the sole purpose of offering the market a manufacturer that can construct and fabricate to meet industry needs.

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